Monday, December 9, 2019

What the lens of The Incarnation reveals!!!

The Advent wreath, The Christmas Crib, Christmas music of all genres, list making, shopping, the list can go on and on to the extent that it boggles the mind.  When are minds are boggled we are in danger of missing out on a lot of things.  People, places, and events that are meant to inspire and nourish us sadly go unnoticed, and hence unappreciated.  We miss so much looking at big things we miss out on the coming of God in the small and simple.  That is why we have Advent to stop and become all the mystery that is being unveiled in us and through us in what we call the mundane, the so called ordinary.  There is NO ordinary.

"By reason of creation, and still more by the mystery of The Incarnation, there is nothing profane for those who know how to see." I just love that quote from deChardin.  Some will say, "You sure do. You quote it all the time." This is not repeated for those who read but for the writer who tends to forget that Mystery is revealed always in the here and now.  I am learning to appreciate more and more the inherent sacredness, holiness, of all that makes up the cosmos in which we live.  And in the planet system we are a part of, we are essential.  We are no longer viewed as "citizens of the earth."  Creation has evolved into something that really stretches us, and forces us to use our imagination.  Our holy imagination guided by The Gentle Guiding Spirit leads us to new and exciting horizons we must explore for creation's survival.

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