Saturday, December 7, 2019

Let the mysterious "seeing" begin !!! Light and Dark Go to the altar. Part 4

Right now the demands of hospitality are an essential part of life, and living.  It can, therefore, be a time of excitement, anticipation, expectation as the difficult work of preparation progresses. ( I am looking here at the ideal. Your reality will be far from the ideal.  After all life is messy.) It is a time when the hard work of hospitality is uppermost on the minds of many.  This gracious season comes anew to us each year, and reaches us ,who are ever new.  We will never do anything or meet somebody for the second time. Our acceptance of the reality of "the new" and "ever newness" is essential for us to have a life of mystery and excitement  .Does not life become dull and so boring when the excitement which newness brings with it is longer in our line of vision.  We need to have our lenses, at least tweaked, and in some cases refocused.  I am so aware that there is so much actual blindness that prayer for new sight and deeper seeing must be our constant practice."With God all things are possible."

As we live our lives in 2019 a new way of seeing must lead to a new level of awareness and action. We must claim the vision of the inherent uniqueness of each part of creation an essential component of the original plan. Nothing is to be left out. It is not for unenlightened finite mind to comprehend the plan that has been in existence from eternity. So there must be a new enlightening, the development of a new awareness otherwise the world as we know it will cease to exist.  Nature does not need humankind, humankind desperately needs a healthy Mother Nature.  The earth was in existence for a long time before humans showed up.  There are studies now on what the earth will look like when there are no human inhabitants.  I read that if the history of creation was written as a book of a 1,000 pages we would show up on page 944 !!!

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