Tuesday, December 17, 2019

We have been chosen to live, and not merely exist Part 2

Pope Francis has stressed the need to have a crib placed in every home, hospital, oratory, church, chapel, etc.  In his mind’s eye the crib is essential for the celebration of the Advent-Christmas-Epiphany season.  That which appears to us to be so ordinary, and familiar is meant to awaken and enliven our unique thoughts, memories, and feelings surrounding the Entrance of The Eternal into time.  We call it the Mystery of The Incarnation. He from Whose home we first left comes to us as a homeless, vulnerable baby.  There has been, and is today so much mystery attached to this entrance we are afforded the blessed opportunity to reflect and wonder, ever anew.  The reawakening triggers within the wonder-full, awe-full feelings that are both heartwarming and revitalizing.  OH !!! how human hearts need to be again Love- warmed so that this harsh, unfeeling, cynical reality we are challenged to exist in and not not live in, will by the miracle of grace be transfigured and transformed.  It can, and for some it does appear that the entrance of Divine,  Infinite, Love l was a waste of time. The WHOLE long season we are preparing to celebrate is given as a gift so our lenses can be adjusted. These can be seen as dark times but when our lenses are adjusted by the workings of grace all, and I mean all. the darkness we are in contains within it the necessary Light that reawakens faith, hope, love, compassion and liberation. Gifts showered in abundance, but, not for ourselves. 

The whole Mystery of The Incarnation and it’s annual celebration is meant to remind those of us who easily forget that, The Light overcomes darkness, and Love replaces fear. As it was in the past, so it can be ours today.  The next part is scary, depending on our co-creative efforts with the eternal Light, Life and Love will it continue be forever and ever.

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