Saturday, December 28, 2019

Mary, do you know, Part 4

Mary’s, Christ-child is dwelling within each one of who shares the human condition and is (get this), waiting on us all, not just to be born, but given life to.  The Christ Child is not only waiting us to be born, but depends on our free will whether He will have life, a creative presence or not.  Once you accept the wonder of being "Mary" you, and Who it is that dwells in the womb of your soul will both, together, walk on water.  You will be empowered by that Presence to do the seemingly impossible.  That Faith-full Presence will empower us to accomplish things that by ourselves would be impossible.  It is true with God’s Child Presence given life to, we will find that all things are possible.  We will find that there is a secret evolving unity within, that cannot be captured and explained rationally.  We will find that accepting that reality and desiring to be one with storms, are calmed. "Tough ways are made smooth," the deserts of our lives will bloom, revealing untold mystery and beauty. "Mary" do you know or are you prepared to know all that is captured with being the mother, the flesh giver, the carrier of God.

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