Friday, December 13, 2019

What the lens of The Incarnation reveals!!! Part 3

Pope Francis in an address emphasized the importance of having a crib in every, home, school, hospital, city town where people are found.  It is even better still when those gifted with vision, place the crèche in nature, in the wilderness.  This is a great act of faith.  It is saying to coming Creator, "look at what You have created, and keep in existence. We want You to find a home here."  The Simple Holy One is offered a home, in a place where He already has chosen to dwell.  It is up to us to seek out and search out The Holy One in the many secret and not so secret places He has chosen to take up residence.  Some of the dwelling places The Holy one has chosen to be discovered in, the unenlightened mind cannot fathom.  Because we do not see, or meet The Divine Presence where we expect that Presence to be, we so, often hear "there is no God."  The spiritual journey" and the journey into The Mystery of The Incarnation demands work, and hard work at that. We never, never travel alone.  It may feel like it, but there is a Gentle Secret Guiding Presence always and everywhere present "I believe Lord help my unbelief/disbelief."  In this time of Advent gift yourself with the precious gift of time.  Be still and surrender to the evolving mystery of who you are, and Who is Incarnate in you. What a blessed, holy surrender this is.

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