Wednesday, December 11, 2019

What the lens of The Incarnation reveals!!! Part 2

If we are going to have a future, and some scientists question the possibility of a future because of the callous way we are ravaging, and destroying our sister, Mother Earth.  We can see the great price that is being paid in the pain of enforced evacuations.  Some of the evacuees, our brothers and sisters will never return home.  There are millions and millions existing, not living because of us, their brothers and sisters choose not to care enough to act in the defiant defense of all creation.  The message of Him, Who is the incarnation and hence the revelation of The Wisdom of our Creator God.  "Awake from your slumber," for the time is passing where your actions can still mean something.  All those who are inspired to work for the betterment of all creation are doing holy work.  To some it may not appear so, that is why we need new lenses to see The Incarnate God present in and gently guiding us in all that is good. All that is good is God.  Again would that we have the lenses.

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