Thursday, December 5, 2019

Let the mysterious "seeing" begin !!! Light and Dark Go to the altar. Part 3

As I write this I am aware that this is a special time. It is a sacred, mysterious time.  What we daily seek and search for is gifted to us on each special day, and not just on the one we deem as special.  On the other hand we need special days and special celebrations to remind us of the sacredness and Mysterious Presence that is our gift as we take every unique step of our life’s journey.  This unique gift comes to us from our Gracious Loving Creator through the instrumentality of fellow human beings.  Human instrumentality is one of the chosen channels through which, what is essential for healthy lives, and living is gifted to us. We can be led through grace, see what is really happening in this special time for visits, visitors, and hospitality for ALL visitations. (The essence of the spiritual journey is to look at something familiar for such a length of time that it is not familiar anymore.)  We are called to see the reality beyond what we see.  There seems to be two realities here but actually there is only one reality revealing oneness of The One, The Only.  Coming to realize this oneness will lead to the development of a new awareness, a new consciousness.

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