Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Those of you who have been keeping close tabs on the author will be well aware of the fact GRBAGE was never completed. There was anxiety, greed and anger still not having been addressed. ( This fact triggers some anxiety in Joe.) So we need to go back and continue our journey, deal withe the three remaining boulders. That is the tough part. This struggle is essential so we may see what  transformation has been brought about by the power of The Resurrection. Yes !!! it is always true,  out of death, always, comes new life. "Those who sew in tears, will reap rejoicing".When we share in the Suffering Servants Death , we will assuredly have a share in the cosmic results of The Resurrection. The same Power that brought about The Resurrection of The Historical Jesus, is that same Power Who is dwelling in our depths. This Creative Spirit of Love, when surrendered too, brings about transformations and transfigurations way beyond our spacial thinking. The Resurrected One is not bound by the laws of time and space. The Resurrection is one of the supernatural mysteries of faith. So when you see that I am struggling with the order of words, Joe has hit a dark, blind  spot and still awaits the revelation that will further his advance along his, Via Dolorosa. Each Via Dolorosa is unique to the traveller as he takes  her/his unique steps, " to where, who  knows ". Each asks our own unique questions, and are lead by, The Spirit, into our unique answers. "Ask the question, and, live into, the answer' (Nouwen).

                    I have read, and listened to a great deal of what has been  said and written about anxiety, I have likewise have invested a serious amount of time seeking insights into the mysterious realm of acceptance and serenity. This is my lot in life, and have been real serious about it for many decades. I DO NOT have any answers for you. You will have to do your own work, because I do not have the answers for you.  Please ask for the help, grace, courage  to honestly delve into your deepest reality. It is there  lies your  unique, Truth is lying in your depths, waiting to be freed. In the freeing will  come with a unique message that WILL ever so slowly come to  your consciousness.  You are now in the process of contributing to the perfection of all of creation. The lasting messages will have their origins, not in your successes, but in your failures. " Not as the world gives, do I give" 

Please believe in your inner Authority. Never allow that to be compromised. It is so precious, and must be defended. Now become familiar with the role of the prophet. We, by our Baptism are given a share in the prophetic mission of Christ. Make friends with the fact that the prophet is allows opposed. Opposed by so called,  "good people'. Jesus was crucified as the result of the conspiracy between the religious, and civil leaders of His time. Will we ever come to the real, honest figure of how many have been martyred in South America because they strove for justice and equality. I personally knew Sr. Dorothy Stern. She is recognized as one of the great leaders of the people. So great was her influence, she was assassinated. I have a photo of her dead body stretched facing down on a deserted forrest trail.  

 Each one has a unique message, gift that will enhance the perfection of creation. For this you were chosen, from all of eternity. There is no magic formula to trigger this migration from your depths. AGAIN I am going to repeat, " No deposit,no return ". As it was true for the pop bottle in the  decades long passed through, so it will be true of your efforts as you " trudge the road of happy destiny. Fear, anxiety, and their "friends" will be a constant presence. Paul in Phillipians has this counsel for us : " Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." Peter " Cast all your anxiety on Him Who cares for you". As a reminder, all are the beloved of our Prodigal Father Whose love is everlasting, and cannot be escaped from. " The Hound of Heaven " by Francis Thompson. " I fled Him, down the nights and down the days; I fled Him, down the arches of the years ...." and did it work, Home Work !!!!!!! Love prayers and blessings .Great Gramps.