Sunday, December 1, 2019

Let the mysterious "seeing" begin !!! Light and Dark Go to the altar.

We begin our mysterious season with that great day of eucharist celebration. Yes!! you read right.  When we enter the arena of thanksgiving we are actually dealing with, eucharist.  We are told that the word eucharist in Greek means," to give thanks."  So when we are celebrating our Thanksgiving meal, it is in reality an eucharistic celebration. ( I am using eucharist with a small "e" to distinguish from the ritual Eucharistic Sacrament, and Sacrifice.)  Just think about this, the feelings, the thoughts and emotions that were yours Thanksgiving as you sat at the table which in reality, the altar of the "little church of the home,"  are to be brought to where?  To the Eucharistic altar of the greater faith community.  When the celebrant, who takes the place of Christ, lifts up the bread on the paten, there you attach to his offering all those moments that were "bread" for you on Thanksgiving Day.  All those who have been or are now bread for you on this life's journey go on it as well.  Make this your weekly practice and in this way your daily life and what happens in The Eucharistic Celebration is connected in a real way with practical results, but not necessarily in the way that was expected.  God is not called The God of Surprises for no reason!!!

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