The word Aisling will be a word not familiar to you. It is the Irish or Gaelic for dream. We are the result of God's dream. We are here on earth living out the dream that God had of us since before time existed. So, we have emerged from the mist of the eternity.

God's dream for us is that we would have life and have it to the fullest, yet is not our experience. It is not our reality. In some instances, we sabotage God's dream for us-ourselves. At other times, we enable other people to be the instruments in us losing sight of the dream and settling for less.

Aisling on Earth will be an effort to bring home that "each one of us is not a human being having a spiritual experience, rather we are spiritual beings having a human experience", de Chardin, as Shakespeare said, "Aye there's the rub". From Metz we learn, "we are born human and spend our whole lifetime discovering what human means". The Latin word for earth is humus and it is from that we get the words humanity and human. We are the dream of God, which is being lived out in and through the human experience.

On this journey, on this hike, we are led into the mystery of who we are, who our God is and who we are in relationship with one another and all of creation.The purpose is to take a wonder-look at your life, my life and all of life. To take a wonder-look at that all is created, all that is real. With this wonder-look, I hope what will be revealed is the real person behind each person, the real story behind each story, and ultimately The Reality behind all reality. This will take great amount of courage, trust and Faith. We never journey alone, our God is always journeying in us, with us and through us for others. "In Him we live, we move and we have our being. Each day He shows us His love which is the power of the Holy Sprit in our lives."

It is easier to understand what St. Francis said, "Everything that is, is to be adored" and de Chardin says,
"By reason of creation and still more by reason of the incarnation there is nothing profane for him/her who knows how to see".
I hope this new understanding will lead you to a new awareness which in turn may excite you to an ever-deepening "YES" to life as it is being encountered in the here and now.
We do not meet life, we encounter life.Encounter brings with it the reality of change, something new is present. Our God says to us in Isaih 43, "See, I am doing something new! Now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?". In time we each have to look at the lenses through which we see life and come to realize our lenses are not always clear. Lent is a great time to clear the lenses and be able to see more clearly the mystery of God being revealed to us in each and every person, place and event of our daily life. We will then hopefully be led to look beyond the obvious to the unseen to the mystery beyond. This place of mystery, the beyond, is our true home.

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