Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Mary, do you know, Part 2

Anytime the ego is threatened by powerlessness there is instant war. Because of the instant, constant, incessant war, welcome to the gradual revelation of The Mystery beyond the actual.  In the quiet, serene moments after the storm The Quiet, Gentle Presence slowly bubbles up. ( No bubble stuff consumed from the outside in any way come close to replicating that which bubbles up from deep within.  For those who know however, you can become "spirituality intoxicated."  Am waiting IMPATIENTLY !!! for that experience?)  This encounter encourages us, gifts with the hope which enables to make that journey ever deeper. This results in a deeper insight as we encounter The Who keeps all of creation in existence, and Who it is That Has chosen to be the great Hider!!  It is within this Hidden Reality, "we live and move and have our being," apart from this Reality existence is not possible. Always has, always will be.

We are challenged to venture deeper into the eternal circle which this Mystery reveals.  It is within the circle we discover the hidden unity of all of creation.  In the circle there is no one above or below.  First or last, beginnings and endings do not exist in a circle.  All this our ego thrives on and when not fed can become very obstreperous, and seeks, because of its unruliness to create chaos!!!   Chaos, however does not win.  As it was with the first chaos, and all the chaoses  of creations evolution disasters The Creative Spirit creates a better and a more whole, holy reality.  The "Mary" that is each one of us must continue the hard question;  do you really know, or even want to know who it is that sleeps within your paper flesh like dynamite." (Merton)  In order for creation to achieve its intended wholeness an explosion is essential.  There is a catch here we have been freely gifted with the power to play it safe, or to take the leap of faith into the unknown world of creative-grace explosions.  In this existential moment, in this now moment, we desperately need an explosion of grace.  We know from the history of creation it will happen, we just do not know when. "Faith is a journey into uncertainty." Right???

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