Sunday, December 15, 2019

We have been chosen to live, and not merely exist

I had finished up my hike.  I was doing those necessary stretching exercises that are required of a person of my vintage.  It takes longer to warm the old body up, and the winding down is a slow process as well. Pain makes one do such things that are contrary to ones lazy nature. I digress, sorry!!!! Well as I was saying I was doing my exercises, and as usual I was not concentrating on what I was doing.  I get easily distracted. The distraction in this instance was a man taking a photograph.  He was really into his avocation.  He snapped a number photos from different angles and distances. Then he went and changed lenses. Then he returned to the object of his photographic fascination and continued his shoot.  You would have every right to think that the object must have been wonder-full awe-full to behold. On the contrary it was just a very ordinary brush tree found so readily in our Arizona desert.  To me it was ordinary, to him it was extraordinary and worthy of attention. The real deep attention paid to the ordinary was to trigger unforeseen memories of wonders past for this wounded wondering wanderer.

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