Tuesday, September 19, 2023

 Here is a very important question ? How do as an individuals, as couples, as family, as a family of families, prepare for the Eucharistic Liturgy, celebration. What are the actual steps been taken so as  to be prepared for the  coming encounter with The Divine Being. This Mysterious One  is going to be encountered in  the mysterious proclamation  of word, and conscious participation in The  Sacrifice and Sacrament? What has happen, and unfortunately is happening in the existential, the reality of your daily living that you want to have connected with the Sacred Liturgy? As you prepare is there a connection between you believe in your priesthood and the action of of the priestly Eucharistic people ? At St.Andrew's there is a stained glass window, reming all of what Peter says " YOU, however, are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy national people set apart " 1Peter 2 :9. ( Bookmark that quote, and refer to it each time you question innate dignity, and worthwhileness, which is how often ? ) We sing that prayer "We are called, we are chosen, we are Christ for one another" As those words are sung how does you're depths respond to that reality? We are called to be Christ to one another but how do we recognize and connect with The Christ Presence within our selves? How connected are we with" The Prisoner of Our Finiteness" ( Rahner),being a living presence within the tabernacle of our bodies ? Where Christ is, so also are The Father and Holy Spirit, They are having an awe-full, celebration in our depths. Our goal is always not only to be aware of The Celebration, but to free ourselves to join in. (What the indwelling of The Trinity means is way outside my capabilities. I do not to be a heretic.)

               What are the gifts you are going to bring ? Well I have consulted my wallet, or made sure the envelope is in the possession of some family member. There may a disagreement as to who shall place it in the collection basket. May The Gracious Spirit of Wisdom guide you, as the discussion takes place as to who that little person will be? I have observed some little wars break out in the pews. Being Solomon to your family is a special calling. Actually I am not referring to the financial gift, here. I am, rather, referring to what you as Lupita, Sean, Manuel, Francis etc. and what is  actually carried within the depths of your soul, the reality you personal struggles. Those secret, and not so secret  difficulties that are the lot of all who claim to be human. 

   When the minister pours the water into the chalice what are you going to let go of that is crippling your ability to relate in a healthy manner, with  all those who have been entrusted to you and now share your life? What are the pains we have to endure that are chronic ? Who are those with whom you share life that are in need of constant assistance ? This cry for help sometimes when we ourselves are the point of desperation? This is when you connect with the inner Simon of Cyrene who was pressed into service, and forced to carry the cross of The Suffering One. Into the chalice will go our powerlessness to control every one and every thing. Powerlessness can trigger real angers, angers that are grist for The Divine Mill that grinds so slowly but so true. We have to grow in the acceptance of our hated powerlessness.NEVER, on our own. We are getting up close with" The One Who has all power and is getting ready to provide us with whatever we are in need of to survive, those personal and communal challenges. 

    We have to emptied out so we can receive that which is going to be offered. You cannot put anything into a full glass.There must be an emptying out, to make room for that particular grace which we are so desperately in need of. Our EXACT need with be with that special grace,The Divine's Love in  real action, meet a real need. Now, dwell on this, you are the ONLY ONE to receive this particular expression of The Gracious Creator's love. You and you alone are the beloved, of The Beloved. Love prayers and blessing tilde meet again,D.V. Great grandpa Joe.

Friday, September 15, 2023

We are moving really slow through that quote from James Finley. Now we are going to stop and take a  real good look at that word, LITURGY. Sacred  Liturgy is essential for us as social human beings, as well as individuals. We cannot journey alone, we are in desperate need of each other for companionship, and the building up of community.We as human beings of our essence are social animals. From the beginning this was a, given :"It is not good for the man to be alone",was the thought of The Creator God as He gazed at the what had been created from the earth, the humus. The necessary bedrock of a healthy society and Church is that relationship between The Creator and the creatures then created.  History informs us of the lived  need  our ancestors of both individual, as well as social worship.  After journeying into the mists of time we have made great discoveries as to what that led to.Sad to say it was not always just or healthy.

             Liturgy is, THE WORK OF THE PEOPLE , as they gather to honor and worship God in Word,Sacrament, and Sacrifice,  both as individuals and as a a community. Liturgy is real, sometimes even  difficult work. It is definitely not a spectator sport. We do not go to a liturgical celebration to be be entertained. We go to work, and we must go, PREPARED. Preparation is an essential element for any liturgical celebration. "No deposit, no return." RIGHT ??? Then there is that great quote from ST.Thomas, "Grace builds on, nature." The Holy Spirit,The Creative Spirit works with what we bring.

    The preparation for the liturgy begins for, when we leave the last celebration.  All your life events are grist for the spiritual mill. That is why liturgy is all about life, and, living. If not it is not effective. There is the root of all our frustrations with current liturgical practice. There was a great classic in the 60's " Good Old Plastic Jesus". There is on quote from that book that has lodged itself in my deep unconscious, "I want to live, not just exist". That cry comes from my depths to challenge me in the place I my feet are planted, right now. Again to reiterate what I harp on all the time there must be a concerted effort to connect the moment to moment living and the liturgical celebrate we are present in. Now that is loaded, "the liturgical celebration we are  to be present in." How really "present' are we. Let's be honest not very and we all must work on bringing ourselves as we really aren't the way are supposed to be, aught to be, expected to be. The Spirit works with our realities, not, our fantasies. THE LATTER CAN BE ENTERTAINING,BUT ARE REDUNDANT TO A REAL, SUBSTANTIAL ,LONG LASTING CELEBRATION. 

       I hope this triggers some change,  a little conversion shall we say, as you are preparing for the Sacred Liturgies you are being drawn to by, The Gracious Creative Spirit. The impulse of grace can be so subtle we must be sensitive to the way(s) in which invitations are offered. A gentle breeze does not rustle too many leaves, but it sure can make a difference in the place we are at. Enjoy the sacramentality of each moment. Next step, bring that joy to your liturgy. We will see, not very soon I am afraid, what needs to be done, what frame of mind ,and actions to take place in order to make the liturgical celebration both relevant, meaning-full, vitalizing and transformative. This is our responsibility. Love,payers,blessings.


Sunday, September 10, 2023

 We are moving kinda slow through the above quote, and this make sense because in the reading we are responding to "the reader's humble desire for God". This is a reality we must keep before us all the time. All the time we are in one way or another searching for The Unknown, ,and The Unknowable Divine reality.That is an innate desire we as human being are endowed with. The part, wanting to be reunited with the Whole, the creature with its Creator. Human beings, of their essence are religious.From the study of the human journey there always has been a relationship between the created and The Creator.That relationship, we are now discovering, goes back  further than we ever imagined. Thank to the patient research of the scientists we are being bombarded with ever new research. There is a great book written by Diarmuid O"Murachu,"Ancestral Grace".In it you journey through the evolution of the human being's response to The Ineffable Divine Being.

      We are by nature religious. I read the following which has always been at the back of my mind through all the years of ministry and even as I write this effort: "You do not put religion into a person,you make it possible for that person to encounter and reveal what is hidden in it's depths. In other words religion must be, RELEASED fro within."That is why the whole atmosphere  in which the "religious event" happens is so very important.There must be an invitation, no matter how couched, to facilitate the expression of that which is for the most part cannot be fully expressed. Each religious celebration is an encounter with  The Great Mystery, and as a result change happens.The change can be subtle and not very apparent until time passes and we notice something different.We will not know how, or when ,it appeared in our life ,but it is there.

       That is why Pope Francis is demanding that homilies  be 10 minutes long. (Confession is good for the soul,I am sad to say I have failed miserable with that ten minute rule for most of my priesthood.It was at the end I had a timer.In one parish the kept count of the length of my homily and posted it on the wall behind me.The community could keep track as the minutes,hopefull,slipped away.)The homilymust connect the worshipper's  lived experience with the worshipping event. The Sunday, and daily Liturgical celebration must connect The Liturgy with the lived moment to moment experience of those making up the community of faith that is present for the celebrations. Are we doing a good job ? For me, here at the end of my days, it hurts to write, We Are Not. We must be honest. Honesty about where we are at, is the first step on the journey of conversion. The conversion journey is essential for a vibrant, and relevant  church.Liturgy is always about reality, and hospitality. (All Eucharistic celebrations presupposes hospitality) So then then, let's GET REAL. Let us get real, or loose whatever  relevancy still remains. Our goal must be to focus on getting all involved in the Liturgical connected with each other  first, and then all are brought into to celebrate. We then must be connectors. Connectors of the the liturgy and with the individuals everyday individual and communal living.That is the one choice we have left. We must all be part of the solution ,or,  the insidious problem remains to choke the life, the vibrancy, out of that which is to be our source of life and vitality.


Wednesday, September 6, 2023

"Who do you say that,I am ?" Mark 8:27, " Who do the crows say that, I am ?" Lk 9:18.

"We must make Jesus human, and make ourselves as human as He was."( Anthony Padavano)

A question and an exhortation, always relevant for our growth, as we "trudge the road of happy destiny"",also called the spiritual journey. Those two questions "Who do YOU, say, that I am?' who do the crowds of the present age say that The Historical,Rabbi Jesus is. We have our individual understanding and  then the social, the human collective understanding of He Who came to reveal The Creator Father God  through His mission and ministry. A mission and a ministry we are called to carry out as Contemporary Christs. We do not meet this awe-full,wonderous challenge alone. Him Whom we are called to be,is both with and within us,Emmanuel, as we face dark valleys, and celebrate high mountain tops. As He was encountered on the highways and byways of a land so far away from us He is however, encountered  in His living fullness in the place are feet are planted. Being aware, being alert, being alive are essential for you and I to be in order to receive the  priceless gift Infinite love offered to us. We must have a personal response to the above questions, and be prepared for an encounter beyond all other encounters. These encounters with the reality of The Historical  Jesus, The Christ of God, are celebrated in  The Seven Liturgical Sacraments. That is Sacrament with a big "S".

     My first understanding of a Sacrament,hammered into my unconscious in grade school, was an outward sign instituted by Christ, to give grace." I have taught Sacramental Theology for these many years and now have this understanding of capital "S" Sacrament.

 " A Liturgical Sacrament is an ENCOUNTER with The Living Human Person of Jesus Christ,the result of which change is brought about in my life and that change is the result of the mysterious workings of The Holy Spirit"

 It is an encounter, a conscious meeting with, the living Person of Jesus Christ,The Jesus we come to first meet, and, then encounter in ,The four Gospels. That word "living" is so so important if we are going to have an in-depth meeting, encounter, with the living walking talking, festival loving, betrayed and crucified Jesus. As those who encountered Jesus in Palestine were changed so too all of our Sacramental encounters can lead, to ,change.Change not chosen by me, but chosen through the power and instrumentality of The Gracious Creative Spirit. As The Creative Spirit,The Holy Spirit encounters us in the depths of our reality that encounter leads to our immersion into the the ongoing story of "new heavens and new earths". All of who I am, all my creative effort are not accidental to, but essential to the ongoing evolution of our cosmos and universe. Pope Francis uses that word encounter again and again. He never seems to tire of reminding us



Saturday, September 2, 2023

 My soul is thirsting for you, my living God.Where can I find you ? Look no further than where you stand at any moment on the trail.Be still and know that I am with you.I am Emmanuel !!!!!!!

        The Liturgy of The Word provides choice food for the hunger and challenges, we must meet, face, and feed. This will lead to a transformation in a way we  are unable to plan for ourselves. MYSTERY !!!!!! St.Paul is right "of ourselves we can do nothing,but we can do all things in The Gracious Power that strengthens us." That Power leading to transformation is offered to us in each and every moment of living.That Gracious Power of Infinite love comes to us in "each and every person, place,event,acion" which makes each of the above sacramental. Let us pray for the sight For this to happen we are challenged to led go of that which has caused us to conform to the acceptable norms.We must strike out in a new direction, by turning around and going in the opposite direction.(Conversion).

      We must meet,face, "the road less traveled' in search of The Living God ,Whom my soul aches, and thirsts for. Only The Living God will satisfy this thirst.We must not settle for the idols, readily offered so seductively along the wayside.Idols are dead objects the worship of which leads only to death, and to our  personally created hells. Hell for me is where, Love is not present. Living our lives in that awful frightening reality,cannot provide, the living water, necessary for a healthy spiritual journey.This life leads to  bothyou and I having "life and having it to the fullest". This is what has been promised by The Prophet Jesus,Who became The Christ of God, through His suffering death BURIAL and Resurrection. Where He had gone we are destined to follow. This is a reality we cannot duck,or avoid if the" fullness  of life" is our goal, because it is our destiny.

         Maybe this will throw some light on the Gospel reading where it Jesus,The Christ, is saying,"He who looses his life... will save it." Another one of those paradoxes that can, and will baffles us, at first reading.This baffling will continue in the many many readings to follow. You have been called to life "a life of fullness," we must not settle for less. The lesser way is easier, more attractive, but turns to dust in our mouths.The "way is long, with many a winding turn'( Nial Diamond) but we have wings to shelter under, and be at peace. It can get better still,in the shadows we" will shout  for joy',not happiness. Happiness, is about what we have, joy, is about who we are. We are, the sacrament of The Living God,The Fountain of Living water, a resting place where many weary travelers will find  safety rest, and refreshment. Let us allow transformation to happen, no matter what the cost to our false selves. Warning !!!!! be prepared for a battle. We have however,Him "who has overcome  the world" in the depths of our being.A strengthening Presence that because of His faithfulness  cannot  desert us. Love prayers and blessings be with you all. Maybe a little prayer, a remembrance, please.

Sunday, August 27, 2023

 The following is a quote, long I must warn you, that has been a very significant influence on my way os thinking and seeing. It is so long ago I have forgotten when this was first read. I am reading from a new edition which is intended to commemorate the first edition 40 years ago. It is taken from James Finley's book, "Merton's Palace of Nowhere." He as being formed, at one time, under the spiritual guidance of Thomas Merton.

       " Spiritual reading has the potential of becoming itself a prayers kind of event in which a true transformation of consciousness takes place.At times like these the reading takes on a sacramental force that transforms the silence of a room, the winds flower, the ticking of a clock into sudden,subtle and unexpected manifestations of God,silently calling us from the midst of things to "be still and know that I am God." ( Can we add to that the gentle or pounding sounds surf, high mountains, placid lakes, in other words all that The Creative Spirit offers us in creation ? Fr.Joe)

  " In the reader's simple, humble desire for God the words are empowered to unveil a fleeting glimpse of life's most secret meaning.One's own innermost,unspoken insights and desires are suddenly encountered on the printed page.The response is a deepening of those desires and a renewed courage to set out for deeper waters."

     To unpack all that is contained in those couple of paragraphs will take each of us a lifetime. Let us set aside these moments of our given time, to take a closer, deeper look at what has just been afforded us. Please do not get scared,Grandpa Joe is learning a lesson that you have wished on him for many years now, keep it short. This means we are going to have the above word kept before us for, how long ? Read on. We are journeying into the unknown where the Unknown,The Ineffable is encountered. 

        The first important words for us to consider, reflect on, are those which teaches us that spiritual reading, has, "the potential' to be, sacramental, and hence can lead to a" transformation of consciousness "What is the meaning of this word sacramental ? First take note that this word is spelled with a small "s".This is opposed to the reality that when we speak of The Seven Ritual Sacraments we us the capital "S". It took me quite some time to get this sorted out in my own mind. That did not happen suddenly, in a flash of spiritual understanding,rather it took years of studying and reflection. I have always been a slow learner !!!!! This has not changed and I am afraid  now, will never change,so? "keep on keeping on".

          There are  the two understandings of of the word sacrament. For our purpose here, let us look at what sacrament with that small "s "means. Well for me now ; it is each and every person place event action, seen and unseen, that brings us in contact with the deeper realities of life, and ultimately with Reality Itself. That, Reality, we call  God." We have these power-full words of deChardin." By reason of creation, and still more by reason of The Incarnation,there is nothing profane for the person whop knows how to see.' "All of creation is charged with the glory  of God""Hopkins. Enough to chew on ?

Sunday, August 13, 2023

 Sunday August 13th 2023. CONVERSION-METANOIA.

 The answer to so many of the challenges of life lies in our ability to make the journey of metanoia.It is the slow process of changing how we see, view, our reality, and our reality, as we see, in those who share our journey. Conversion is another word to describe that which is essential and unfortunately, unavoidable on our way to a healthy understanding of and embracing of our spiritual journey. A journey we make NOT as" human beings having a human experience, but as spiritual beings immersed in the human condition"(deChardin). 

        Conversion is also seen as "turning around, and start walking in the,opposite direction" Conversion a gradual change in how we see, and act our way into a new way of being. Conversion challenges us to let go of the familiar and journey into the darkness, the uncertainty of the faith journey. I was ordained in 1963 when the changes of The Second Vatican Council began to filter down. Leaving the certainty of the seminary,I was jettisoned into a new country, and, an evolving new church. (This evolution has not stopped despite the best efforts of those who have been called to lead.This is a sadness I have to deal with in my own personal journey. Now,however,  I can now honestly share that, "I'm thankful for my struggle because without it I wouldn't have stumbled across my strengths".Thank you Gracious Spirit for the gifts of Pope Francis and Bishop John.) 

   It is the same Catholic Faith but oh so different  in how we believe,belong to and are active in.We are challenged to journey ever deeper into having  "to walk by faith not by sight", I cannot become Whom I am called to be by remaining, who I am. St.Theresa of Avila,warns us that we have to blasted out of our that to which we have become accustomed to and familiar with. Change does not come easily.It demands hard work."The spiritual life is not for the faint of heart"it forces us to be, become  warriors. We do not become transformed under our own power, but this transformation occurs under the tender guidance of The Gracious Creative Spirit. We are challenged by metanoia  to move beyond the ramparts of ego in order to be lead into "new Heavens and new earths". Yes the old world is passing away and in its place is a new creation  is revealed where justice, love, and peace, reigns supreme. This will happen when I stop trying to think my way of acting, it will only happen when act my way into a new way of thinking.

    Then we can honestly say, a new song has been placed in my mouth,Psalm 40. Let us take the advise of Dial Diamond, and"sing it loud, sing it strong".You have a new song of Hope  to sing force-fully and joy-fully in each moment of your living.Do to let anyone or anybody silence that prophetic cry so desperately needed, in these  ever anxious and darkening times. Everything we need for a healthy cosmos and life lies in our depths. Set it free and slowly bring about that new creation which we wait for so impatiently.So, do not be discouraged, Have faith in The One Who has called you into being, from the existence of time." I believe help my disbelief/unbelief". May The Spirit of Truth guide you into all truth, and provide the courage necessary to be "The Contemporary Christ." Love prayers and blessings.Great Grandpa Joe. 


Tuesday, August 8, 2023

The Feast of The Transfiguration 2023.    

Looking back, I am want to do these days, there were just two Sundays where the homily was going to be short. (Snide comments are more than welcome !!!) One was The of The Most Holy Trinity and the other was todays feast. over time, after a great deal of reading,they got longer.from all my reading I always come back to the quote from a letter Thomas Merton wrote to Henri Noun.

       At the center of our being is a point of nothingness which is untouched by sin and illusions point of pure faiths point or mark which belongs entirely to God.... this  little.... point is the pure glory of God it is like a pure diamond, blazing with the invisible light of Heaven.it is in everybody"

    Wow !!! how challenging are those four last words: " it is in EVERYBODY'. You,me,that relative you cannot be around, that homeless person we avoid, the slow grocery clerk, the illegals that are so demonized but can work wonders with our front and back yards. I challenge you to those are judged so very harshly in our society, because they not conformant will not be boxed in.This list can be endless. We  gradually become aware of those who carry who are on our list, of  the non qualified.It will grow within us, in direct proportion to how narrow-minded and self-centered we are, and are becoming. What is the answer ? Conversion. Love prayers and blessings to you all who journey into your awe-full-ness. Great grand Joe. 

Sunday, July 30, 2023

 What am I going to write about in this effort ? I honestly do not know.There are some ideas rattling around in my head awaiting expression.Just because they are there does not mean they will ever see the light of day.I have often had some ideas for a homily all worked out, ready to go. Did they  ever weave their way into the homily,NO. Now looking back, I knew as much as you knew, about what was going to be said.I can hear you saying, yes,great grandpa Joe,  that is what we were exposed to and what challenged to make sense of. I really did, and do believe in the power of the Holy Spirit,so why not put that Power to work ? The Spirit thrives on chaos, and screwed-up-ness. The spiritual journey is to, gradually grow in  the ability to surrender, to entrust, our messiness,our powerlessness to the workings of Infinite Creative Love,Who is our hidden strength.  Then there is an awakening. We  are gently lead the awareness, we are on the way to discover the "treasured" hidden in the darkness of our,earthiness. We always need the Gentle Light to light our way into the darkness of the unknown, and Unknowable.

 There are three words which stand out, that is to my way unique way of seeing, in the Responsorial Psalm. They are kindness, compassion and wonder. Many years ago my great friend Fr.Tot,gave me this piece of advice,"Joe,be gentle with yourself. This came at a crucial time in my journey into the real realities of my troubled life.Was I successful ? all I can share is this reality is ,like all reality's work in progress. For this journeys  "the pearl of great price' is offered to us, and that is compassion. We are all on the road that will lead to us being wounded ,and broken. We will all need "that stranger" who will pour the oil of compassion to soothe the great pain.A pain that at the time seems overwhelming.  In each "one moment, one step at a time" we will exit the "dark valley",and be lead to the mount of Transfigurement. Our true dignity, our essential goodness, is now blossoming in a harvest beyond our imagination, or understanding. That is why the third word,  WONDER.Wonder,fits in so neatly into this conversation. Wonder,awe,leads us to pray. Now that we are coming to believe in our essential goodness we are free to communicate from that place of honesty which up to now had eluded us. The journey from"illusion to prayer"(Nouwen) is one of the three steps essential to a healthy spirituality. The other two steps, 'We journey from , loneliness  into solitude, hostility to hospitality" I am certain these steps will be encountered again and again. 

          The you are not likely to be a victim of "gaslighting. Neither will you be the victim of 'shadow throwing". Deepening your belief in you essential goodness is a work in progress. We are guided along the path of unknowing into that place where the "new and the old" are meshed together into a, oneness." The reality of The Kingdom is now slowly emerging.This gift is NOT for ourselves,  not for our own ego  boosting,but, is to be shared as a gift. Sharing from our place of radical honesty is the " hidden treasure'  we have been entrusted with.

                    Now what is the heading, you HONESTLY feel, would best express your honest  thought(s). 



Sunday, July 23, 2023

The hidden qualities of ,the OIL of mercy.

 Im am so excited to be back and again connected with you.I love your comments.Keeps me going !!! Some people really read what is written so very attentively. It was brought to my attention that I started the last blog as grandpa and ended as great grandpa ???? You see that was how much effort went into the blog.The effort made an older man of me.I am now looked on as SENIOR SENIOR citizen. I am in deep gratitude that anybody is reading these efforts.My gratitude list is getting longer each day. Remember that old song "Let the good times roll"? Would love to have it as background music for this effort.

    Bask in the mid '60s there was a book written by Eugene Kennedy, "Comfort My people".  That has a serious effect on my approach to ministry.I have not, you all  too well know, always been successful.My sincerest apologies to who have suffered from my woundedness. There has been some gradual healing over the many years.There is still a way to go. Patience patience !!!! Screw patience, I want recovery right now.Then on the other hand, anything that is instant is usually no good. Have you ever eaten, instant mash potatoes.Whoever invented them was definitely not an Irishman.

WOW !! it has sure taken Great grandpa Joe, a long  time to get to what he wants to address this evening. Some saying fastidiously,just like his sermons. It has been a few years now since I listened to Fr.Rohr reflect on this gospel.His reflection changed my perspective on the spiritual.An understanding I have made a conscious effort to pass on to those who have been placed in my path. I am not going to quote the whole gospel hermit is sufficient for this effort to just use those very strange words "let them grow together until harvest time'. 

The them are darnel and wheat. When they break out of the ground ,the young darnel and wheat look somewhat similar.So when the servants indicated they wanted to unroot the darnel, the master was not in agreement.The wise man offered the advice let them grow together until harvest time. Harvest  time is toward the end of the year, Autumn. That is a long time to wait. How impatient those servants  must have become.Who likes to wait on nature. Ask any expectant mother how she feels toward the end of her pregnancy.? Do not expect a very polite answer.Especially after a sleepless night. Duck !!!!We reap our harvest at the of our lives.In the Autumn of our lives and looking carefully at the harvest we are reaping.Around 35 things begin to change.Our spiritual perspective slowly changes.We are faced with the limitations of our wounded humanity.We are not the best at anything.Not the best husband wife son daughter employer or employee.We come up short all the way around. What is now needed compassionate understanding and mercy-full love.

I have written on my new understanding of mercy. The kind of mercy Pope Francis is so anxious for us to embrace and apply to our wounds.Wounds the appear to bleed all the time.The healing has not happened.do you remember the parable of the Good Samaritan? How he poured oil into the wounds of his sworn enemy, the Jew.Now think back to the chanting of The Lord Have Mercy, the Kyrie Eleison. The Greek word for oil is to be found in Eleison. So we are actually praying that the oil of mercy may be poured down on us. What does oil dot it, heals,sooths,comforts,strengthens,and because it is, Gods Love in action, it transfigures and transforms us. The Prodigal's Father's Mercy then is so so much more that just about the forgiveness of our transgressions. ( This is long enough, so I will have mercy on you all.)

         So may the blessings of mercy-full  be yours, as you face the challenge of being not "a human being having a spiritual experience, but a spiritual being, immersed, in the human condition".Word written be deChardin many many moons ago. Our collective human reality is sure taking a hammering, and where are the proactive efforts to advert, the sixth annihilation? Great great great grandpa Joe.

Thursday, July 20, 2023

A new post I hope !!!!

This is the beginning of a new adventure. I have not been able to get a blog posted for some time,so here goes the effort of a now 83 year old Grandpa Joe.This Grandpa has recently his Diamond Jubilee of Ordination. June 8th.1963 30 of strong your Irish lads,plus on Scot were laid hands on by the Bishop Keogh. Thank God 17 are still alive and kicking.Not too gingerly, but ,kicking. Health concerns prevented me from returning to  St.Patrick's College in Carlow City for the reunion.There was however an awe-full,wondrous  celebration that was hosted by the pastoral staff of St.Andrew The Apostle, in Chandler Az.I was so honored to be it's founding pastor in June of 1986. It was so great to see some of those founding members at the Jubilee celebration.Definitely a night to remember. Gracias a Dios,agus,go raibh maith agat. A little Gaelic still left.

  Well what have I been up to since my last posting ,and, what am I up to now ? I can share only what is allowed me within the bounds of decency. Well I am a little more retired. My get up and go, has got up and gone, for starters.Before this,visit from hell,I was able to walk and hike just a little. I have had three epidurals, and sad to say no baby. I do however get to move around and get some of my chores done. Very light on the, housekeeping. Years ago I used to say, to the chagrin of many, "A clean house is the sign of a sick mind".Some did not return the following week-end !!!! My great friend Fr.Tot O'Dea,R.I.P. used to remind me "clean the pond Joe and the lilies die". What a compassionate presence he was in my life. We had some great chats over breakfast/lunch.They kept me kinda sane, for the  years following The Second Vatican Council. We sure miss his down to earth understanding of healthy spirituality and pastoral practice. Our new Bishop John Dolan ,could surely use his droll insights. Tot how I miss you. You always kept me grounded in the reality of the present moment. Reality, in its acceptance leads to a healthy spirituality. That act of accepting demand a great deal of time and effort.A healthy spirituality come at a steep price. We are to face  our immersion in the moment to moment  battlefield of the soul.The ongoing struggle to the death, between the true self and the false self. On the outcome of that struggle rests so much. We will journey into what means for us in whatever time my weakened body will allow. Your prayers will be deeply appreciated. For now,slainte,and have a good sleep. Great grandpa Joe.