Sunday, December 22, 2019

Christmas 2019 - Mary, do you know, Part 1

"Mary did you know?" are words you hear again and again during this mysterious sacred time of preparation and celebration.  Well when it comes to our spiritual reality there is no yesterday or tomorrow there is only today. That is why the question must be asked, "Mary do you know?"  "Mary do you know right now who you are and Who it is that dwells within you."  Do you know who it is that sleeps within your paper flesh like dynamite ?" (Merton) So I encourage, well dare you that when you the word Mary you are to substitute your name. Then it is , Lynn, Carol, Tomas, Lupita … you know what is happening right within you now, today?   To take it a step further, this Mystery we are active participants in is not even just about today but all about this present moment.  Each moment given to us is in reality our human participation in the eternal moment, "the sacred now."  The eternal moment because of its essential divine nature has no beginning and no end, and so it must be with us.  We, too have no beginning and no end that we can actually pinpoint or capture , much to our frustration, and discomfort. Honesty demands that I add the word annoyed.  Are you with me on this?  By agreeing you are not saying that you really like all of what this entails.  We do not have to like this journey into Mystery.  I have found that I have to ask, and ask constantly for the grace to always accept, the present reality.  Is this easy?  Of course not.  Nothing in the spiritual journey is easy. There is no "cheap
grace" (Bonhoffer).

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