Tuesday, September 19, 2023

 Here is a very important question ? How do as an individuals, as couples, as family, as a family of families, prepare for the Eucharistic Liturgy, celebration. What are the actual steps been taken so as  to be prepared for the  coming encounter with The Divine Being. This Mysterious One  is going to be encountered in  the mysterious proclamation  of word, and conscious participation in The  Sacrifice and Sacrament? What has happen, and unfortunately is happening in the existential, the reality of your daily living that you want to have connected with the Sacred Liturgy? As you prepare is there a connection between you believe in your priesthood and the action of of the priestly Eucharistic people ? At St.Andrew's there is a stained glass window, reming all of what Peter says " YOU, however, are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy national people set apart " 1Peter 2 :9. ( Bookmark that quote, and refer to it each time you question innate dignity, and worthwhileness, which is how often ? ) We sing that prayer "We are called, we are chosen, we are Christ for one another" As those words are sung how does you're depths respond to that reality? We are called to be Christ to one another but how do we recognize and connect with The Christ Presence within our selves? How connected are we with" The Prisoner of Our Finiteness" ( Rahner),being a living presence within the tabernacle of our bodies ? Where Christ is, so also are The Father and Holy Spirit, They are having an awe-full, celebration in our depths. Our goal is always not only to be aware of The Celebration, but to free ourselves to join in. (What the indwelling of The Trinity means is way outside my capabilities. I do not to be a heretic.)

               What are the gifts you are going to bring ? Well I have consulted my wallet, or made sure the envelope is in the possession of some family member. There may a disagreement as to who shall place it in the collection basket. May The Gracious Spirit of Wisdom guide you, as the discussion takes place as to who that little person will be? I have observed some little wars break out in the pews. Being Solomon to your family is a special calling. Actually I am not referring to the financial gift, here. I am, rather, referring to what you as Lupita, Sean, Manuel, Francis etc. and what is  actually carried within the depths of your soul, the reality you personal struggles. Those secret, and not so secret  difficulties that are the lot of all who claim to be human. 

   When the minister pours the water into the chalice what are you going to let go of that is crippling your ability to relate in a healthy manner, with  all those who have been entrusted to you and now share your life? What are the pains we have to endure that are chronic ? Who are those with whom you share life that are in need of constant assistance ? This cry for help sometimes when we ourselves are the point of desperation? This is when you connect with the inner Simon of Cyrene who was pressed into service, and forced to carry the cross of The Suffering One. Into the chalice will go our powerlessness to control every one and every thing. Powerlessness can trigger real angers, angers that are grist for The Divine Mill that grinds so slowly but so true. We have to grow in the acceptance of our hated powerlessness.NEVER, on our own. We are getting up close with" The One Who has all power and is getting ready to provide us with whatever we are in need of to survive, those personal and communal challenges. 

    We have to emptied out so we can receive that which is going to be offered. You cannot put anything into a full glass.There must be an emptying out, to make room for that particular grace which we are so desperately in need of. Our EXACT need with be with that special grace,The Divine's Love in  real action, meet a real need. Now, dwell on this, you are the ONLY ONE to receive this particular expression of The Gracious Creator's love. You and you alone are the beloved, of The Beloved. Love prayers and blessing tilde meet again,D.V. Great grandpa Joe.

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