Sunday, July 30, 2023

 What am I going to write about in this effort ? I honestly do not know.There are some ideas rattling around in my head awaiting expression.Just because they are there does not mean they will ever see the light of day.I have often had some ideas for a homily all worked out, ready to go. Did they  ever weave their way into the homily,NO. Now looking back, I knew as much as you knew, about what was going to be said.I can hear you saying, yes,great grandpa Joe,  that is what we were exposed to and what challenged to make sense of. I really did, and do believe in the power of the Holy Spirit,so why not put that Power to work ? The Spirit thrives on chaos, and screwed-up-ness. The spiritual journey is to, gradually grow in  the ability to surrender, to entrust, our messiness,our powerlessness to the workings of Infinite Creative Love,Who is our hidden strength.  Then there is an awakening. We  are gently lead the awareness, we are on the way to discover the "treasured" hidden in the darkness of our,earthiness. We always need the Gentle Light to light our way into the darkness of the unknown, and Unknowable.

 There are three words which stand out, that is to my way unique way of seeing, in the Responsorial Psalm. They are kindness, compassion and wonder. Many years ago my great friend Fr.Tot,gave me this piece of advice,"Joe,be gentle with yourself. This came at a crucial time in my journey into the real realities of my troubled life.Was I successful ? all I can share is this reality is ,like all reality's work in progress. For this journeys  "the pearl of great price' is offered to us, and that is compassion. We are all on the road that will lead to us being wounded ,and broken. We will all need "that stranger" who will pour the oil of compassion to soothe the great pain.A pain that at the time seems overwhelming.  In each "one moment, one step at a time" we will exit the "dark valley",and be lead to the mount of Transfigurement. Our true dignity, our essential goodness, is now blossoming in a harvest beyond our imagination, or understanding. That is why the third word,  WONDER.Wonder,fits in so neatly into this conversation. Wonder,awe,leads us to pray. Now that we are coming to believe in our essential goodness we are free to communicate from that place of honesty which up to now had eluded us. The journey from"illusion to prayer"(Nouwen) is one of the three steps essential to a healthy spirituality. The other two steps, 'We journey from , loneliness  into solitude, hostility to hospitality" I am certain these steps will be encountered again and again. 

          The you are not likely to be a victim of "gaslighting. Neither will you be the victim of 'shadow throwing". Deepening your belief in you essential goodness is a work in progress. We are guided along the path of unknowing into that place where the "new and the old" are meshed together into a, oneness." The reality of The Kingdom is now slowly emerging.This gift is NOT for ourselves,  not for our own ego  boosting,but, is to be shared as a gift. Sharing from our place of radical honesty is the " hidden treasure'  we have been entrusted with.

                    Now what is the heading, you HONESTLY feel, would best express your honest  thought(s). 



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