Tuesday, October 24, 2023

 It has been awhile.So Would love to meet this new person you are NOW. Life, and all of its realities  has  brought a change, for better or for worse.There in no in-between. Eric Fromm says " each day we spend  our time, building ourselves up, or tearing ourselves down." That is why we are encouraged by the scriptures to "Be alert." We must be alert to all our thoughts, and feelings. It does not matter what they are they are relaying messages of how the realities of life are meeting us, and how present we are to that encounter. Some encounters we wish we could avoid, but then the spiritual journey is all about reality, and how present we are to each life changing encounter. The more we are present to our realities the more The Real, becomes an ever deepening reality for both you and I. It is said the spiritual journey is not for the faint of heart. Healthy spirituality leads us to face life on life's terms. 

                 In the responsorial psalm of last Sunday we were  encouraged, "To sing a new song". To sing the song that best reflects our encounters with the moment to moment happenings. Each moment is a new ending and a new beginning. It has never existed before and will never repeat its self. It is the new that becomes the old in the blink of an eye. Our Prodigal Mother/Father just wants to hear from us, and be with us. To be able to meet us exactly as we are, so we can be embraced as we are. That is the hug of mercy-full love. A hug that brings with its healing, soothing, comforting, strengthening, protection, trans figurative , and transforming power.  We are never the same after this loving hug. Our Prodigal Lover always is seeking us out, ever searching for us,The Hound of Heaven never sleeps. So we ask for the courage to be honest.Honest about how we really feel, without sugar coating it. "We are known" better than we ourselves know ourselves. So why fight and put off the inevitable surrender,TO love.

St.Paul showed great admiration for the early Thessalonians. He admired their "work of faith, labor of love and their  endurance". How important is that word endurance for us as we encounter the mighty and not so mighty challenges that are part and parcel of the human journey for all of  us who area of our essence, spiritual beings. Our new song must reveal our desire for endurance in the midst of struggle and danger. The desire is ALL we need. Express that desire in any language you choose, The Creative Spirit has worked with all human expressions. "Be not afraid of your in-depth feelings, they are given to us all so we can express our individual realities. We do not repeat the words of the song of our companions we encounter along the way.We can listen to their song, and then commits to words the truth of the song that best reflects who you are right now. Love prayers and blessings.Great grandpa Joe.

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