Saturday, September 2, 2023

 My soul is thirsting for you, my living God.Where can I find you ? Look no further than where you stand at any moment on the trail.Be still and know that I am with you.I am Emmanuel !!!!!!!

        The Liturgy of The Word provides choice food for the hunger and challenges, we must meet, face, and feed. This will lead to a transformation in a way we  are unable to plan for ourselves. MYSTERY !!!!!! St.Paul is right "of ourselves we can do nothing,but we can do all things in The Gracious Power that strengthens us." That Power leading to transformation is offered to us in each and every moment of living.That Gracious Power of Infinite love comes to us in "each and every person, place,event,acion" which makes each of the above sacramental. Let us pray for the sight For this to happen we are challenged to led go of that which has caused us to conform to the acceptable norms.We must strike out in a new direction, by turning around and going in the opposite direction.(Conversion).

      We must meet,face, "the road less traveled' in search of The Living God ,Whom my soul aches, and thirsts for. Only The Living God will satisfy this thirst.We must not settle for the idols, readily offered so seductively along the wayside.Idols are dead objects the worship of which leads only to death, and to our  personally created hells. Hell for me is where, Love is not present. Living our lives in that awful frightening reality,cannot provide, the living water, necessary for a healthy spiritual journey.This life leads to  bothyou and I having "life and having it to the fullest". This is what has been promised by The Prophet Jesus,Who became The Christ of God, through His suffering death BURIAL and Resurrection. Where He had gone we are destined to follow. This is a reality we cannot duck,or avoid if the" fullness  of life" is our goal, because it is our destiny.

         Maybe this will throw some light on the Gospel reading where it Jesus,The Christ, is saying,"He who looses his life... will save it." Another one of those paradoxes that can, and will baffles us, at first reading.This baffling will continue in the many many readings to follow. You have been called to life "a life of fullness," we must not settle for less. The lesser way is easier, more attractive, but turns to dust in our mouths.The "way is long, with many a winding turn'( Nial Diamond) but we have wings to shelter under, and be at peace. It can get better still,in the shadows we" will shout  for joy',not happiness. Happiness, is about what we have, joy, is about who we are. We are, the sacrament of The Living God,The Fountain of Living water, a resting place where many weary travelers will find  safety rest, and refreshment. Let us allow transformation to happen, no matter what the cost to our false selves. Warning !!!!! be prepared for a battle. We have however,Him "who has overcome  the world" in the depths of our being.A strengthening Presence that because of His faithfulness  cannot  desert us. Love prayers and blessings be with you all. Maybe a little prayer, a remembrance, please.

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