Friday, November 10, 2023

 We have two great feast days in the back mirror. Another super feast is awaiting. We are gifted with the present, to be used to reflect on what has been given by those who have trudged, travelled the road of faith we are chosen to follow today. Some were our companions, other are in our consciousness because of the oral or written word. Before I go any further, here is a spiritual gem that I am afraid of forgettin : "Most saints are there, for our admiration, NOT, for our imitation". I have met many ,any people who were disappointed with themselves because they were unable to imitate some practice of some saint they read about. It is just common sense that they intentions were admirable, but they forgot one very important reality, they are NOT THE SAINT they read about, and can never be. Each person is a saint when they are expressing ,The DESIRE  to be the best person they have been uniquely created to become. The Creator Spirit has only one version of each created being. The Creator does not make doubles. Creation calls for originals. Fakes are casualties destined to fall by the wayside.  Look at how many cows are run the world, each nose pattern is different. How about finger prints ?

       "Each person is a saint, until they realize ,or, think, they are a saint" wise words from way back. Back in seminary Fr.Gerry Kinsealla R.I.P. challenged one very prayerful student,"Mister, are you

 a saint?  Do you know saints are very hard people to live with". ( I never heard those words directed towards,  Mr. Hennessy as a matter of fact he addressed this question to me, Mr.Hennessy how come I never catch you breaking any of the serious rules ? I did not know about the fifth, so I had to answer "You were not just around father") Plastic saints can be so difficult to live with, or be in any kind of communication or relationship with. The are our present day Pharisees. The Pharisees were good people, but  the Rabbi Jesus had real trouble with them. They are real trouble with sinners, breakers of the law, and the poor. Who were The Rabbis "people'?  Who were those chosen to be  the object of His compassionate ministry? They were the marginalized, the outcasts, the very vulnerable, all those rejected by those in power. Jesus said that Pharisees were to be obeyed, but not imitated".  This real compassionate  pastoral view was. what ultimately brought about His, Paschal death .Who then was to be imitated The One sent to be the Incarnation of Our Prodigal, Compassionate, Father, God. 

    In my 60 years as a pastoral minister I always seemed to be in some kind of trouble. If I was not in trouble with my inner self, I was facing the reality that there were some person or persons who were not very happy with me. I never got a Christmas card or an invitation to a meal. I was not just plain not accepted. I have journeyed through the reforms of The Second Vatican Council which meant conflict. As Pope Francis is implementing those same reforms today, take a look at how is being treated by fellow catholics ? My heart is full of great joy, but there is great sadness as well. The voice of Compassionate Good Shepherd must be heard, and through grace accepted.In the mean time we as saints and sinners are bound together by The Holy Spirit as One Body,The contemporary Body of Christ.  

We must  all face the Pharisee within. Do not give in to harsh self judgement and self criticism . Remember, "Love, is is kind. Love takes no offense, and is not resentful".The way you apply these qualities of transformative love towards yourself will be will be the qualities of the Divine God you obey and worship. Love is also freeing. May you work diligently at fostering to qualities of The Living God,Incarnate in Our Brother Jesus The Christ and so live a life of freedom, being the best saint you can be today. You will be remember as the good and faithful servant who did not always get it right but operated out the vision seen by A Prodigal Father/Mother God. A  God, Who is able to see into the depths of our heart and Who rejoices in  seeing The Living Presence, of other members of The Holy Trinity.

     Prayers are needed. Hope you are not worrying, too much, about ,The Eucharistic Celebration, to be celebrated in your little church of the home, a few Thursdays from now. Those on the guest list will be a reflection of how you are viewing the chosen of The Historical Jesus whom you are encountering in your present day to day real living. Hope I pricked your comfort zone ????   Love, prayers, and blessings to you all as you trudge the trail chosen for you. Sometimes it takes a long time to find that one. Great grandpa. ( If you view this as a real mess, press the delete button.)

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