Sunday, August 13, 2023

 Sunday August 13th 2023. CONVERSION-METANOIA.

 The answer to so many of the challenges of life lies in our ability to make the journey of metanoia.It is the slow process of changing how we see, view, our reality, and our reality, as we see, in those who share our journey. Conversion is another word to describe that which is essential and unfortunately, unavoidable on our way to a healthy understanding of and embracing of our spiritual journey. A journey we make NOT as" human beings having a human experience, but as spiritual beings immersed in the human condition"(deChardin). 

        Conversion is also seen as "turning around, and start walking in the,opposite direction" Conversion a gradual change in how we see, and act our way into a new way of being. Conversion challenges us to let go of the familiar and journey into the darkness, the uncertainty of the faith journey. I was ordained in 1963 when the changes of The Second Vatican Council began to filter down. Leaving the certainty of the seminary,I was jettisoned into a new country, and, an evolving new church. (This evolution has not stopped despite the best efforts of those who have been called to lead.This is a sadness I have to deal with in my own personal journey. Now,however,  I can now honestly share that, "I'm thankful for my struggle because without it I wouldn't have stumbled across my strengths".Thank you Gracious Spirit for the gifts of Pope Francis and Bishop John.) 

   It is the same Catholic Faith but oh so different  in how we believe,belong to and are active in.We are challenged to journey ever deeper into having  "to walk by faith not by sight", I cannot become Whom I am called to be by remaining, who I am. St.Theresa of Avila,warns us that we have to blasted out of our that to which we have become accustomed to and familiar with. Change does not come easily.It demands hard work."The spiritual life is not for the faint of heart"it forces us to be, become  warriors. We do not become transformed under our own power, but this transformation occurs under the tender guidance of The Gracious Creative Spirit. We are challenged by metanoia  to move beyond the ramparts of ego in order to be lead into "new Heavens and new earths". Yes the old world is passing away and in its place is a new creation  is revealed where justice, love, and peace, reigns supreme. This will happen when I stop trying to think my way of acting, it will only happen when act my way into a new way of thinking.

    Then we can honestly say, a new song has been placed in my mouth,Psalm 40. Let us take the advise of Dial Diamond, and"sing it loud, sing it strong".You have a new song of Hope  to sing force-fully and joy-fully in each moment of your living.Do to let anyone or anybody silence that prophetic cry so desperately needed, in these  ever anxious and darkening times. Everything we need for a healthy cosmos and life lies in our depths. Set it free and slowly bring about that new creation which we wait for so impatiently.So, do not be discouraged, Have faith in The One Who has called you into being, from the existence of time." I believe help my disbelief/unbelief". May The Spirit of Truth guide you into all truth, and provide the courage necessary to be "The Contemporary Christ." Love prayers and blessings.Great Grandpa Joe. 


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