Thursday, July 20, 2023

A new post I hope !!!!

This is the beginning of a new adventure. I have not been able to get a blog posted for some time,so here goes the effort of a now 83 year old Grandpa Joe.This Grandpa has recently his Diamond Jubilee of Ordination. June 8th.1963 30 of strong your Irish lads,plus on Scot were laid hands on by the Bishop Keogh. Thank God 17 are still alive and kicking.Not too gingerly, but ,kicking. Health concerns prevented me from returning to  St.Patrick's College in Carlow City for the reunion.There was however an awe-full,wondrous  celebration that was hosted by the pastoral staff of St.Andrew The Apostle, in Chandler Az.I was so honored to be it's founding pastor in June of 1986. It was so great to see some of those founding members at the Jubilee celebration.Definitely a night to remember. Gracias a Dios,agus,go raibh maith agat. A little Gaelic still left.

  Well what have I been up to since my last posting ,and, what am I up to now ? I can share only what is allowed me within the bounds of decency. Well I am a little more retired. My get up and go, has got up and gone, for starters.Before this,visit from hell,I was able to walk and hike just a little. I have had three epidurals, and sad to say no baby. I do however get to move around and get some of my chores done. Very light on the, housekeeping. Years ago I used to say, to the chagrin of many, "A clean house is the sign of a sick mind".Some did not return the following week-end !!!! My great friend Fr.Tot O'Dea,R.I.P. used to remind me "clean the pond Joe and the lilies die". What a compassionate presence he was in my life. We had some great chats over breakfast/lunch.They kept me kinda sane, for the  years following The Second Vatican Council. We sure miss his down to earth understanding of healthy spirituality and pastoral practice. Our new Bishop John Dolan ,could surely use his droll insights. Tot how I miss you. You always kept me grounded in the reality of the present moment. Reality, in its acceptance leads to a healthy spirituality. That act of accepting demand a great deal of time and effort.A healthy spirituality come at a steep price. We are to face  our immersion in the moment to moment  battlefield of the soul.The ongoing struggle to the death, between the true self and the false self. On the outcome of that struggle rests so much. We will journey into what means for us in whatever time my weakened body will allow. Your prayers will be deeply appreciated. For now,slainte,and have a good sleep. Great grandpa Joe.

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