Monday, October 30, 2023

 Last blog I encouraged all to sing a new song. It is to be a love song. Love songs are also agony songs. Songs that describe the person's struggle with their weaknesses, but the struggle is worth is as a new understanding of what it means to be human is revealed. Such songs demand gut HONESTLY  as we reflect on our deepest feelings. Not the feelings we want to share, but the feelings we need to share. Is that easy ? Of course not. How many of us have been programmed "to be always, nice"? The number to answer "Yes" I am certain it would be an  overwhelming "Yes".Today, thanks to The Gracious Spirit of Truth we were never taught that perfectionism is a "DISEASE",not something you want to admire or flaunt. My mother reading this would gasp in horror, as do so many in  to days world. I am delighted that the younger generation is being taught that perfectionism Is a disease. Todays healthy spirituality emphasize we are all,"perfectly imperfect". Working on the acceptance of our imperfections is, just speaking for myself, an extremely difficult, arduous every moment work of healthy self love. Would you agree with me on that? We are all in the same boat, hoping it is not The Titanic !!!!

      Last Sunday we were provided with such rich food, as always, laid out for us on The Table Of The Word, and The Table of the Eucharist. I see now, in some churches the Word and Eucharist are presented to all as being on the same level in the architecture of the church. What an eye opener that must be? We are commanded to love The Divine with our whole being. Not partially, with the stuff we are happy and comfortable without with all of our being. That great prayer alcoholics offer each day is a great source of courage " My Lord God,I offer myself to You, good and bad." what a great grace filled moment that is. To offer our whole being to the Divine Healing love, and allowing the chips to fall where they may. It is none of our business how the process works, all we have to do, is GROW in the  patient acceptance of the hidden action of The Great Creative Spirit. As it is happening with you and mess it is happening to all.

   The action of grace, that is Love in action,  is often compared to the workings of yeast. I am told yeast works slowly, secretly, and silently, and she can never deny its  effects. Yeast like Mercy-filled Love changes everything it touches. Grace transfigures and transforms us. Slowly and ever so gently. So gentle we are not aware of ITs action until we are surprised with a change we do not have a clue where it came from. For me the greatest action of Divine Mercy is the slow, oh so slow, acceptance of my faults, failings, weaknesses, defects etc. etc. St.Paul is a great help here,"By the grace of God,I am who I am." I have come to learn, again slowly, that I do not have to change anything because Mercy-full  love the me that I am right now. " This is, my beloved son, in whom, I am well  pleased". Our Prodigal Father has unconditioned love for us, but it takes a great number of conversions to develop  a deep belief in that mystical love. Yet that  love is essential for both a healthy physical and spiritual love. This love is foundational. " A healthy love of God, and a healthy love of another person begins with a healthy love of self" a Canadian Bishop once wrote. 

             Now that we have an ever evolving understanding of  how essential the love of self is, we can move up and reflect as honestly as we are able to the challenges presented to us in the first reading. In the mean time be gentle with yourself. As for the help, grace, to continue to struggle with The Gentle Lover that is always reaching out to embrace us in an everlasting loving hug.May there be some person in your life that can offer that special gift, a loving hug. To all, you contemporary saints, out there in the Cloud World there is more to come. Love prayers and blessings. Great grandpa Joe. 

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