Monday, August 3, 2020

The ancient which is our newness Part 2

Hand in hand with the listening to the scientists must be the attention to the voice of The Creating Spirit that is operating within the messy, screwed up reality that we provide as the result of our ever so human efforts.  In the first moments of creation The Spirit brought order to the original chaos is the same Creating Spirit that is intimately involved in our current self destructive reality.  The Creating Spirit always involves human instrumentality in all creative and creating efforts.  We have a choice to make. Are we going to take the sacrificial acts that will be demanded or listen to the chorus of voices that sing that old song, which gives voice to the fear deep within "Things are okay the way they are, there is no need for change."  It takes courage to change.  A courage that has been planted within our depths.  (I do tend to repeat myself!!!).  Repetition is essential if we are going to have "muscle knowledge" when the moments of great challenge are presented to us on our journey from our Creator God back to womb of our origin.  The womb of The Lover Whose love which of Its Essence is unconditional, unlimited and unrestricted. This love we can never grasp on understand.  The Infinite cannot be boxed or controlled. There is a wildness to our Creator Lover that can never be tamed or controlled.  This love is the source of hope for the future, and for the excitement necessary to meet the great contemporary challenges.  We are in a war.  A war for survival.  There is no sugar coating that.

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