Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Bromides that work part 2

We in The Wisdom of our Creator have been chosen to journey into the midst of tremendous uncertainty, triggering all sorts of insecurities.  We do not really know what is going to happen to our world, to our society, to our friends and ourselves.  This I have had to learn in the hard school of experience, "You move forward into growth or backward into safety."  We have a great desire to be safe, and dwell in a safe place. Our home is usually accepted as that safe place of safety and security, but sadly not for all.  We all however have to create, under grace, a place of welcome and hospitality within our own depths.  We are more willing to go deep, as we are told that in that same depth The Holy Trinity, that is The Family of God, has chosen it to be Its dwelling place.  Our journey is to join them in the celebration that is a constant for us join.  We do not know the way.  All that is necessary is the desire to be connected, and united.  How that is going to happen is none of our business.  That is our faith journey, which is a journey into Mystery.  It is also a journey into raw naked fear. What helps me, and I have shared this many, many times, is listen to Cool and the Gangs, "Celebration."  There is endless celebration happening and we are always invited to that part "going on."


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