Sunday, August 16, 2020

Bromides that work part 1

It was many, many years ago I was having breakfast with my neighboring pastor Fr. Tot O'Dea R.I.P.  We were both from St. Patrick's in Carlow which meant the great bond of trust was there.  Oh how important the bond of trust is to a relationship.  We were able to share our life's stories in brutal honesty.  There was the assurance of no judgments.  I was blessed to have his counsel for many years.  Tot had a store of wisdom that was so soothing and heartwarming.  The wisdom was expressed in what he liked to call bromides.  Sayings that somehow brought about a change to my seeing, and thinking.  I am now beginning to accept that, as my physical sight is beginning to fade, the ability to see life in a new and better way is its replacement gift.  I am able to see and say yes there is a life beyond the life I am aware of, and this is the life that I am meant to live, in the freedom of a beloved son of my gracious, and mercy-full Father.  Spiritual bromides have been source of the necessary saving grace.  "All is grace!!!"





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