Sunday, March 29, 2020

Prepare to encounter and celebrate The Suffering Servant within!!!

Today we may be called to nurse a sick child, spouse or in so many cases today a sick aging parent.  You are challenged to journey with a loved one through the lack of and the loss of a child, a spouse, a partner, health, financial security, status, social acceptance, emotional trauma, the list is endless. The Suffering One has many, many disguises, so this demands that we be alert, become aware of His different appearances. For Easter, begin to think about the situations of struggle that you face where you are more likely to flee from rather become an actual compassionate presence. Children are called to be Simon in so many, many different ways.  They are challenged to reach out to and help to carry the heavy load of a struggling parent or sibling.  We are being challenged, tested as never before in our lifetime.  So we need new solutions, new ways of acting so we can, and will be led into new ways of thinking. This can only happen through the faith, religious celebration of our present encounter and struggle with The Mystery Of our Faith, "Christ has died, Christ is risen" and now we celebrate Christ's coming again and again in the place we are presently. Are we really present to to place of feet are Planted?.  In order to encounter That same Christ we have to develop new lenses, new levels of awareness of what it means to really have Holy Week, and the celebration in a new way of the central mystery of our faith.  We will have to meet the challenge of real meaning-full liturgies in all of our " little churches of the home.

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