Sunday, March 22, 2020

Warning.....2020, will take you into the depths!!!

For the first time in my lifetime, but not in the history of the Irish people, there is a ban on Sunday mass.  For us as there will be no Sunday gathering of the whole community for the communal celebration of The Eucharist.  It is good to remember this historical fact, we the Irish people were prevented by law from having mass celebrated.  It was a death sentence for the presiding priest if he was caught.  There was a bounty on his head, so you are rewarded for the killing of a priest.  Those Penal Laws were in effect for 400 years. That is for 400 years, not 400 days or 400 months.  Turning to today’s great challenge, we do not know how long the the ban will last, but we are not looking at 400 years. Thank the good Lord for that.  We will be forever in the debt of our devoted scientists, doctors and research assistants who are working nonstop to find a solution.  We must thank all those who are risking their lives to provide all that is necessary for our day to day survival.  There sure has been a radical change on how those who were previously taken for granted are now the focus of our deepest gratitude.  This is only the very tip of the iceberg, when it comes to radical changes.  These changes will reverberate over the next 30-40 years.

For those of you who are reading this effort you will have to make a decision.  Are you going to remain as part of the problem or are you going to contribute your unique talents to the ever evolving solution.  I have been a witness to the destructive effects of those who are so afraid of change that fight to their deaths, and as a consequence cause the deaths of innocence individuals, rather than surrender and contribute.  What a death dealing condition denial is?  Let us pray for and embrace acceptance.

When the solution will come is not known for certain.  So then we will journey as individuals, as couples, as families, and as a global community of families into the great unknown.  We are all caught up on this journey whether we like it or not. There are no exceptions to this very challenging journey of being healthy and staying healthy.  For those who are infected by the virus we must pray that The Great Comforter and Healer may be a source of healing and tender care.

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