Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Gut Honesty and Prayer Part 2

I am sad to say this God, Jesus the carpenter, who came to reveal and teach us, was not the God of my youth.  It has taken many, many journeys into the unacceptable to meet this God of radical acceptance.  I have been converted many times and the conversion continues into this present moment.  This Lent let us journey into our given humanity, and discover the mysterious workings of grace, when we are honest, and honest is essential for conversion. When we are gut honest, we are led to the discovery, and gradual acceptance of the reality, we all have spiritual GARBAGE.  The disposal of garbage is one the great challenges of our present time.  So much of our planetary home is negatively affected by the garbage created by us the inhabitants of Mother Earth.  We have not taken good care, we have not been responsible, now we are paying the price.  You do not go shopping for garbage, but given time that which you brought into your home part of it enters the garbage disposal or take it to the curb where its destiny is the recycling process.  Each Lent we are given, again and again, the opportunity to grow in honesty as regard to how we deal with our spiritual garbage.

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