Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Prepare to encounter and celebrate The Suffering Servant within!!! Part 2

Now as you begin to prepare for your Holy Week celebration where do you encounter both The Suffering Christ and The Risen Christ in your family and in your place of work?  He has always been there.  This year we are asked to develop new lenses to see beyond what on the outside seems to be ordinary, but in reality The Suffering and Risen Christ is hidden there to be discovered.  To be in reality discovered, ministered to, and a Presence to be celebrated.  Where are you challenged to be a minister of care for the Suffering One as He now, existentially appears in our every day mysterious and holy lives?  Has He entered uninvited, because of life circumstances, into your very orderly life, and is messing with your comfort zone?  These are hard questions to answer, but Liturgy is not a walk in the park, it is hard work. As I say so often Liturgy is the work of the people. This year there needs to be a Liturgy which celebrates all the events of Holy week as these events are encountered in your family life. Crises forever changes us, for the good and/or for the bad.  We make that decision in the way we respond in faith to what is happening.  What is the faith response of our family to what it is suffering? This will enable healing to happen and so, bring about a deeper union and a deeper sense of community.

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