Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The Explosion

Guilt has to do with self understanding and self forgiveness. No understanding, no real forgiveness. In and out of The Reconciliation room I have spent many, many rewarding hours celebrating The Sacrament of Reconciliation, not "the sacrament of obliteration." (Rohr) I have had to learn that gentleness with oneself is a prerequisite for gentleness with ourselves and others and the development of a relationship with a gentle forgiving God.  For some of us that is a radical change, under the guidance of The Gentle Spirit. There then is the slow process of being be brought into a free, healthy relationship with our Infinitely patient, gentle and ever Gracious Lover." What we have in our human relationships that is what we have with our God. The Prodigal Father is there to forgive us in moments of mercy-full forgiveness reconciliation, healing, transformation and transfiguration. Our guilt, owned and brought to prayer, leads us to an ever evolving sense of gratitude. "O happy fault of Adam who has revealed to us such a Redeemer."

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