Monday, March 23, 2020

Warning.....2020, will take you into the depths!!! Part 2

The previous blog was written 18-March-2020. This is written on the 20-March-2020.  When it was announced that the parish, communal, celebration of The Easter-Paschal Mystery was not going to be celebrated. This is a radical move to deal with the radical nature of today’s great challenges.  That celebration was plan "A."  When plan "A" does not work then we go to plan "B."  I see your personal celebrations as plan "B."  The Easter-Paschal Mystery being planned, and celebrated by and with the "little church of the home."  It is not going to be celebrated by the gathering of the whole community, but the gathering of that same community within the basic cell of Mother Church, the individual families.  The individual family units as individual, or the gathering of less than ten of those who have a desire to make the celebration this Easter a journey that personal and particular. When we are in the personal and particular we are dealing with reality.  In reality it is both hidden and revealed Reality itself. This Reality’s essence was revealed in the life and ministry of Jesus, Who became The Christ. His story as written in the Gospel stories is to be seen as our story today(O’Shea).  How terrifying, awe-full, wonder-full and exciting this 2020 journey will be as we begin to discover anew our personal, and communal daily, moment to moment, encounters with, The Jesus of the Gospels, Who is now The Risen Christ dwelling in the depths of each person, not the chosen few. So let's get to work. "we are burning daylight"(John Wayne).

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