Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Desire is enough, part 3

The Creative Divine Spirit is a master crafts-man, Who cannot be rushed. How I wish it was otherwise. I have shrunk an inch and a half in my body, but in other ways there has been ever slow, and pain-full growth. A growth that always leads to to "new freedom and a new happiness." We must concentrate on Easter Sunday, and the Resurrection, rather than on Good Friday, and the crucifixion. Both along with the experience of the tomb, always leads to new awareness and growth. That quiet invitation to pass beyond the safe and secure self (the false self) into the unknown self (the real self) is very threatening to the ego. The first introduction I received into this endless search was at a Neil Diamond concert way, way back in San Diego. I heard these great as not understood words, "and Jonathan began the longest journey of all, the journey into self."  To help with this mysterious journey I bought James Finley’s "Merton’s Palace of nowhere." Did I understand everything I read, I remember being very frustrated in not being able to really connect with what I read. That has come much later as an understanding of the true self and the false self slowly deepened.  (I notice I have been using the word "slow and slowly" a great deal).  We journey along the spiritual path at a snail's pace. The Creative Divine cannot be rushed. All we can do is "be alert because we do not know the day nor the hour" when the awareness brakes through.  So we have to "be alert."


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