Monday, September 28, 2020

Desire is enough, part 2

The internet is so great. This is from a blog "Prodigal Kiwi(s)Blog)": "The experience of self is the condition which makes it possible to experience God. Whoever responds with integrity to this invitation to pass beyond self into some experience of transcendent reality ALREADY has an obscure experience of God." (Karl Rahner).  We start out really small and then with the cooperation of an awakening will there be slow growth. We started really tiny in the womb of our mothers and then there has been ever so slow growth. This will go hand and hand with the experience of creative love. Here are the words of a mystical Jewish martyr before she died in a concentration camp, "God cannot be born except in the womb of love.  So God offers that womb." Eily Hillsman (1914-1943).  As each one of the wombs we have been birthed from is unique in time and so is our unique starting point.


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