Saturday, September 12, 2020

Understanding the Hardened Heart

From my cocoon I get to see out.  Some blessed times I get to venture out, masked of course.  I am flabbergasted at what I see.  People at the accepted distance of six feet.  Your temperature taken, and you must be at an accepted temperature, for your own, and fellow traveler's wellbeing. We now accept we are dependent on one another.  We are accepting, for the most part, that as I go so goes our particular and universal home.  As that common home goes so will the conditions set for my present and future lives and living.  So simple to say, write and read, but oh so difficult to meet the inherent challenges in those ever so simple words.  Thank The Gracious Creator we have prophetic voices who remind us of our mutual responsibility.  Being a prophet is a high risk job.  Just as  it was in the Old Testament days so it us in these so called cultured times.  To put it bluntly, prophets are killed.  As it has, so it is, and ever shall be until we mature as individuals and as a society.  There is no other way that sanity can enter our common consciousness.  It is the work of each person, to be worked,  one moment at a time.  Otherwise it is too much for us.  We get discouraged.  Worst of all our hearts get hardened.  Then we are all in serious doo doo!!!!!  A stinky place to be.


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