Monday, September 14, 2020

Understanding the Hardened Heart, Part 2

In The Responsorial prayer we are warned "harden not your hearts."  For some of our sisters and brothers, the hearts have been already hardened. Life can and does this to us. The results  are everywhere and are terrifying.  As they should be.  Hardened hearts are there for us to see, and weep for.  But the very hard question must be asked why is not more sadness, and weeping?  This is a story I first heard from Fr.Rohr, and have repeated it oh so often.  (Can I get an, Amen grandpa !!!!).  This is a true story. There was scientist who put a pike and water into a glass container.  Then he placed minnows into the water.  The pike doing what is natural to the pike, the minnows were consumed, without hesitation.  Then the scientist changed things up.  When the new minnows were added to the water, a protective glass wall was  placed between the minnows and the pike.  So naturally the pike went to consume the minnows.  Time and time again he went for the food, but the unseen glass partition was in the way.  Finally it gave up.  The glass partition was removed.  The minnows swam all around the pike.  It died of starvation!!! 

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