Thursday, September 24, 2020

The Risk, part 2

In the pain-full struggle, where the limitations of being a human being is faced, wonder-full gifts slowly emerge, as a flower emerges from the depths, that are darkness.  So it is with both you and me. We are in this struggle together, never alone.  There is the voice of The Liar, The Deceiver, that wants to tell me otherwise hoping we are foolish enough to believe the inherent lie. Today that reality is called the false self.  This false self has no existence apart from the energy we provide.  The energy we provide to satisfy the insatiable appetite of the false self takes away from the life that our Gracious intended for us.  (There is so much licked away in those last words, please, do not skip over them lightly. Go back and read them slowly, reflectively and let them speak to your truth.)  I have been doing a lot of research on the true self versus the false self and the result is an emerging freedom.  A freedom to embrace all that I am, warts, weaknesses, brokenness and so begin to live life as I really am. There is a risk here.  Then life is all about taking risks.  I had to risk taking a flight from Shannon to Arizona.  Actually we landed, after a very hard landing in Tucson.  That was scary.  The plane hit hard and began to swerve.  Not good!!! That was my second little jolt on the trip. As we approached the American coast the plane took a drop.  I thought this is it.  At least I got very close to my then destiny. There is one risk that is really worth taking, in spite of all the fears of the false self, that is to face who we really are as the place where our Beloved meets us in our belovedness. Loved without condition, restriction, or reservation. Is it not a real tragedy we so easily forget who we really are and in Whose love we constantly dwell?  This happens all apart from our efforts. It takes real effort, however, to stop and own, the treasure, the blessings in our midst. May you be blessed to have the courage to accept the call of the true self. That call ALWAYS leads to new freedoms and a deepening happiness. Take the risk. Answer the call of your true self. Best of Irish luck.


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