Tuesday, September 22, 2020

The Risk

"How's she going?" is how we in County Cork, used to greet one another.  It was the start of a conversation that could go on, and on, and on.  That was how I would start the beginning of all my homilies.  Yes !!! they went on and on…….Enough of the bad memories.  We are into good news here or at least that is the plan.  I sincerely hope it is working for you.  The thought behind this effort??? is to connect with each one where they are at, and who they are at the moment.  Our understanding and acceptance of who we and where we are is essential for a healthy spiritual life.  That is my concern.  You see I have spent so much time in being who people wanted me to be, who they expected me to be, the person I thought I had to be, I lived a pain-full life.  I do not want you to go through that form of hell on earth.  There is a better way.  A way I have been led to after years and years of struggle.  The struggle continues until today.  If it did not then there would be nothing to write about. This is a chance for me to share my experience of the struggle I have had, and do have in the living of life on life's terms.  A reflective way of living reveals truths that are beyond the view of a non reflective life.  Thank The Gracious Lover we have reawakened to the treasures inherent in meditation and contemplation.  Not that I am an expert in any of them, but most days, I am enjoying the struggle.  Doesn't that tee you off, everything worthwhile in this life does not come without a struggle??? In the struggle, so I am told is the growth.  I have an expression for that which I cannot share here. Come on a hike and we can really "have a chat."


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