Sunday, October 4, 2020

Let us never grow weary in the asking

We all have an unique womb as our place of origin in this life, but we all have had eternal existence in that same Womb of Love from all of eternity.  A Loving Womb which is also our place of destiny.  In the in-between time we make our journey on this spaceship we call earth.  This is a mysterious journey that demands a great deal of trust.  Remember that old commercial that told us, "Love is a given, trust is earned." Our journey we call life is a journey into an ever deepening understanding of love, and an ever deepening journey into trust.  Merton's great prayer, "My lord God I have no idea where I am going.  I do not see the road ahead of me, nor do I really know myself..." must be our prayer as well.  To add to that prayer we have those wonderful words from Psalm 25: "Your ways O Lord make known to me, teach me your paths, guide me in Your truth, and teach me."  There is so much depth to those words it takes a life time of meditation, and reflection to reach the understanding that will ease the burden of being a spiritual being immersed in the human condition." (deChardin).  We are in a continuous need of the help that is essential for our in-depth appreciation of the gift of who we are and Who it is that journeys "in us and through us and with us."  We must constantly ask for the grace to grow in the wisdom, not the knowledge, that is essential for a happy journey in this "vale of tears."


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