Sunday, February 2, 2020

The "must" of the deep, Part 3

Honest reflection has led me to discover over that, over the years that my journey into honest conversation with my Higher Power, the Power of Love has been a long slow process. Boundaries had to be broken and horizons embraced and welcomed.  The journey into honesty in communication with the same The Power Of Love with hand-in- hand with an ever developing trust of myself. I was loved into that trust. I am so very grateful to those who loved me when I could not love myself. They showed me ,in concrete life events, what love and trust were really all about. "We will love you Joe, until you can love yourself" were comforting words I heard over and over and thank God they were able to pierce the hardness of heart, which had become my defense.

A Fr. Richard story resonated with me .A story I have repeated over and over, over these many years. A scientist placed a Walid pike in to a glass tank. Then minnows were released into the tank. In no time at all the pike made short work of those minnows. The a glass partition was placed in the tank. The pike was on one side, and the minnows were on the other. The pike went to grab the minnows but all he got was that glass partition. Time and time again he went after his food but each time his snout, (I can be corrected here by you fisher-persons whether the word snout is appropriate.) hit the glass. Eventually the glass partition was removed. The minnows swam all around the pike.  Sad to say, the pike starved to death.  Can that happen to each one of us?, yes it can and does. When we lose sight of who we really are in God’s love, and settle for conditioned love we begin to reject the source of "light, life and love" that is always within us.  For healthy everyday living we need, "light and love." They are the minnows that surround us for our nourishment and growth we must claim our worthwhileness, our belovedness to be able to participate in the nourishment that is forever placed before us.  Our minnow moments are always there for us but when we have been exposed to toxic shame we are denied that which is essential for healthy living.

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