Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Hope springs from the depths, part 2

The gift of eternal hope which has been placed in the depths of our being  and can only be encountered by us entering those depths. What has helped and strengthened me over these many years is the constant repetition  of Psalm 130.  "Out of the depths I cry unto You oh Lord, Lord hear my prayer." This is great because one can adjust this prayer to wherever one is at." Out of the depths of my fear, anxiety, hopelessness, guilt, shame, insecurity, powerlessness, or wherever you find yourself,  Lord this is where I need your strengthening and transforming grace," this can be one's choice as well. When we are enjoying the fruits of the Paschal Mystery, and we are experiencing, peace, joy, and love, we can also use these same opening words, "Out of the depths of peace, joy, love, serenity, my feelings of belovedness and acceptance Lord, hear my prayer."  Nowadays I survive on my stash of spiritual bromides I have been collecting over these many, many years.  If you do not have a bromide arsenal at hand, well start one and make sure you are not caught without a defense when "the itty bitty messy committee" attacks. That insidious committee lurks and waits for those moments when we are  weak, seemingly defenseless  and so vulnerable. Today a word has entered our everyday vocabulary, HANGRY, that breaks down to hungry and angry as dangerous places to be in existentially.  In those places, we make unhealthy decisions.  Decisions that results in damaging, or destructive actions. Those on 12 Step journeys will add lonely and tired.

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