Thursday, February 27, 2020

The Transfiguration

The three favorite amigos of Jesus, Peter, James, and John thought they had arrived when they we privileged to encountered the transfigured Jesus on the mountain top Jesus shared in dramatic way His inner being, and destiny. How wonder-full and awe-full those moments were.  The Incarnate God revealing in His human body, the hidden divinity within. That is part of our Gracious Creator's dream for us. We carry in our depths that same divine life which was revealed through the humanity of The Historical Jesus on that mountaintop.  So, too it is within our mission and whatever ministry we are called to be the manifestation of God, in the place where our feet are grounded "Bloom where you are planted."  St. Paul reminds us that each one of us is in the exact right place for our Creator's dream to be actualized.  We desperately need to recognize our moments of transfiguration, those mountain top experiences that change us so we can come to a deeper realization and acceptance of who we really are in our Creator's universal plan.  A plan that encompasses our life, our cosmos, and our universe.   

We are all part of a greater plan, way beyond our thoughts and imaginings. The Creator's dream has for all of creation.  We are chosen to be an essential instrument in the realization of that dream.  We are little dots on the tapestry of time and creation, little but essential.  Without our dottiness creation would be incomplete.  We are seen as an essential contributors to that mysterious tapestry.  A tapestry we will be able to see and understand "when we know as we ourselves are known." Until then we continue to delve ever deeper into the special unique dream our Creator God has for all of us who carry the dignity of being co-creators.   (Chew on that for awhile.)  The Gracious One does not think small.  That causes a serious problem, and offers us a lifelong challenge.  The challenge we have to face is this "God is The Infinite One and we are finite." "Our thoughts are not God's thoughts. God's ways are not our ways."  We have to let go of our little plans, so we can slowly, and reluctantly surrender to a plan infinitely greater than ours.  This surrender takes place over our whole lifetime.  Darn it!!!

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