Saturday, February 29, 2020

The tough slog

Peter in his typical enthusiasm wanted to construct three booths constructed one of course for Jesus, then one for Moses, and one for Elijah. He wanted to somehow capture and keep forever what was revealed to him and his fellow apostles.  He wanted to plan for something permanent.  Did he get his wish? of course not.  On the spiritual journey nothing is permanent we are always in transition on our journey to transfiguration and transformation. That is why The Prophet Jesus told Peter that they had to move on there was work for Him to be do.  We must be careful to be to keep reminding ourselves that no matter where we are at, and what we are experiencing, "this too shall pass." This place where I am at is not my destiny.  This is the battle of the faith journey, we want permanence, security, familiarity, none of which will be ours on our endless journey in to the unknown and The Unknowable.  Our egocentric egos will fight us tooth and nail every step of the way. That battle, conflict is constant moment to moment death struggle in the depths of our being. The true self, the one that our Creator lovingly created, lives in the freedom and security of being the beloved. The beloved, the true self knows it is loved without "condition, restriction, or reservation."  The beloved never has to earn deserve or qualify for the love of The Beloved. Religiosity wants to tell us otherwise.  What a battle is being waged in our church right now.(2020).  God continue to inspire and strengthen Pope Francis in this time of transition and change.

Acceptance of this awe-full, wonder-full reality of who we really are is the key to serenity and peace of mind.  Warning this wars against the accepted ways in which the world we occupy works. "The world" as we know it is caught up in the struggle for "power, property, and prestige." (Rohr).  Let us detach ourselves from this losing battle.  Let us rather concentrate all of our God given energy in doing our essential part in the creation" of new heavens and new earths."  The Aisling of our Creator God has been entrusted to each one of us.  SO ???

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