Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Acceptance is a process

In the Gospel it was not until, at the direction of Jesus, that the apostles fished in deeper waters that their work was rewarded. So ask for the grace to accept that which for right now looks unacceptable or unattainable, the courage to go deeper and meet the Unknown in your unknown. Then HANG On. You will go places you never dreamed of. Each one of us makes a unique journey so I cannot tell you what the future holds for you.  This I can tell you if you were to plan it you would sell yourself so short. Yes our Gracious God is the God of surprises.  A gracious God with a real sense of humour, and loves to play tricks. So look for your daily surprises and life will become what you never thought life could possibly be.  Your life’s joy is to be found not in what you possess but in The Who that possess you and in Whose Reality you  "live and move and have your being" ever and always. To make it even better "nothing can come between you" and the ineffable Loving Power in your depths. Another reason to go deeper and deeper?

I had to face this difficult and very discouraging reality. I have to meet the challenge of PTSD in my daily living. There are a lot of innate difficulties I have to face.  One of these is this as the result of traumatic events in my life the ever so slow journey into honesty is normal and had/has to be accepted as such.  One fact that really helped in this journey into acceptance was I DID NOT have to like what happened to me I had to accept it.  This acceptance was the workings of a Gracious Mercy-full Compassionate Higher Power.  So then I repeat, liking has nothing to do with acceptance.  My adventurous journey into honesty with my Gracious Father-god has resulted in understandings and insights into the non-transformed human condition that could not be mine unless I received a new set of lenses. Then these are Not a once and forever lens they have to be constantly tweaked so my sight can be more aligned with how My Creator needs me to see.  This is the seeing that is necessary for me to live an authentic human being.  Remember the words of the shaman in "Dancing With Wolves." The only trail worth taking is the trail of a real human being" may that be the trail you will always follow.

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