Tuesday, February 25, 2020

More on the Dream

No matter the place we are at God's dream for you and I is ever and always operative.  Never look to anyone for permission to claim your belovedness.  It is yours without "condition, restriction or reservation."  No action can win or lose your chosen belovedness.  The small hardened, self-righteous, judgmental, yes, I can include here professional clergymen, have real difficulty with God's permanent commitment to us who can be so perfectly imperfect.  So prodigal in our actions but so in need of the love of our Prodigal Father.  We are lead into a new way of seeing.  We are provided, gratis, with new glasses whose lenses open up new horizons, which we will never reach.  This way of seeing and thinking leads to the embrace of The Spirituality of Imperfection!! This is not the road we would choose to travel, but for so many of us, thank God, we find our home on the broken trail which lead eventually to the acceptance of human imperfections. We are now beginning finally to live the dream, the wish that our Gracious has had for us since eternity.  It is only in eternity we will come to see clearly The Divine plan and The Divine wish for us and for all creation.

This wish is annunciated, made known through the mystery of The Incarnation of God's love in the human person we call the historical Jesus.  Then this Jesus of God became The Christ of God through His Paschal Mystery.  As we encounter the carpenter-prophet Jesus in the scriptures we are led to discover that His purpose in coming, and His total immersion in our human reality was that we "may have life and have it to the fullest."  Jesus is God's dream for us, incarnated.  Since God is spirit, and we are spiritual beings immersed in the human condition, God came to join us in our human journey so as to model for in His life and ministry how we can live, the dream. What a mysterious ineffable dream our Gracious Creator God has for us. It is so deep that it demands of us that we go ever and ever deeper.  This journey of ours is endless.  There is no point on the this journey into mystery we can say "I have arrived," or "This is it, I have no further steps to take." Yes, we may have resting stations but that is what they are, resting stations on the endless trail that leads to places unknown.

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