Monday, February 17, 2020

Hope springs from the depths

 So now, as the result of all my travels in these my latter years I have chosen to become an out and out "Hope Punker."  My new avocation challenges me to look back, and share with you all those seemingly endless days of darkness as the place where the star of hope broke through.  A star, as far as we can see from this earth is the source of so very little light.  The light of a star was sufficient, however, to guide those ancient seekers to The Source of Light. (The Light of life entered life in a darkened cave.) As it was with those searchers, so it is with us who are seekers and searchers in a world where there appears to be so little light.  If we are to believe today’s prophets of doom it is getting darker, and darker.  So to counteract their saddening message of doom we have to pray for a different set of lenses, that will constantly be tweaked by grace to see that is only in  darkness that light has its birthing place.  Is it not also true that darkness has it’s origin in light? There is no dawn without darkness.  These two paradoxes will be confronting us our whole life long. My ongoing encounters with paradoxes have resulted in the reluctant letting go of the comfort of the familiar to be guided into the unknown and The Unknowable.

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