Tuesday, January 14, 2020

An intro to The God of surprises!!!

The reality of Light breaking through darkness is a mystery we will be drawn deeper and deeper into. A journey we have no map for, only the assuring guidance of faith and hope.  Hope will encourage, strengthen us to do the necessary minimum. "We do our best, God does the rest," right.  As long as we have "the intention" to do our best we are fine.  I have come to accept actuality slowly and reluctantly.  My egocentric ego has been the source of the necessary acceptance of this spiritual reality.  Ego wants to do it all, on its own and by itself. What hells have been created with this mindset.  It takes serious heath losses and serious heartaches for change to happen.  This change will come about as we respond to the grace to change, get healthy, and become whole, Holy.  When we are in the throes of our egocentric driven diseases there is no thought of a healthy God-Higher Power-relationship. We were not looking for holiness, we were heading in the opposite direction.  The spiritual journey is all about u-turns, conversion. So then, as we reflect on our journey we gradually with deep reluctance we concede that God, Higher, is a real lasting source of strength, surprises, and get this, of sick humor!!! Warning if you take yourself or life too seriously you will not encounter This Loving Fun-loving Presence. That is why those who know tell us who need to know and accept this reality. "Wear life like a loose garment."  

In order for this to happen in our shattered lives we fear-fully, and with much trepidation place one foot in front of the other. When this is done we repeat this ever so simple process. This is all we can handle. Honesty is freeing.  This step by step process happens with us not knowing we do not have to feel God's presence in what I am doing and where I am at. This "informed ignorance,"  we discover and reluctantly accept over time is essential for our Gracious Lover to be The Presence, needed.  This gift of supernatural hope bubbles up from our depths at the time we see, and are challenged to accept there is only darkness, and endings. In that place of torment, gut wrenching fear is Not the ending but the beginnings of something that is new, better and more exciting to live with and within.

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