Saturday, January 18, 2020

Be like a page that aches for a word

The Prophet Jesus' own immediate FAMILY WENT SO FAR AS TO QUESTION HIS SANITY while others questioned, His SANCTITY. Conversion into the reality of Who He really had to happen.  As it was for them so it is for all of us. There are no exceptions. The spiritual life, while it bestows so much unfortunately does not provide bypasses. (U-turns yes, bypasses NO)  Jesus' own family and follower had to go through a conversion process. A conversion process that was long and difficult, just as it is like yours and mine. Their conversion story is our story as well. Each person's step by step daily living writes a contemporary Gospel. I pray that all will respond to the ever so gentle promptings of The Gracious Creator through the workings of The Creator Spirit and write a gospel of real Good news.  Our Gospel origin is the Wisdom and free will of our Originator. That is where the timelessness of who we are is gifted to us. This timelessness lies hidden deep within our depths. This experience of timelessness is awakened by the dynamic power of fruit-full love. A healthy family's life-giving fruit-full love brings to our consciousness an ever evolving awareness of that Awe-full mystery-laden Reality. Is this revelation a very complicated process? Of course not.  It has only been made to appear complicated, a tip of the hat here to egocentricity, The Mysterious Timeless One is revealed both to ourselves and all others in our oh so simple reality, we call our "Daily moment to moment living."

So then, "be like a page that aches for a word that speaks on a time that is timeless." (Neil Diamond). What a vocation we are called both chosen and called to commit to. We are all blank pages chosen from eternity to be the place of prophecy for the revelation of The Eternal.  Each and every participant in creation has been so chosen. With this gift of chosenness comes the unique gifts that are the necessary prerequisites so we can both encounter and full-fill from which we are destined. The" fly in the ointment," or "that which upsets the apple cart" is also a gift.  This unique gift defines us as authentic human beings, it is called simple free will.  Just two words which can be enunciated, spoken so casually yet contain the dynamic power to change everything.  What love had to be present when The Gracious Creator decided to gift us with free will, as one of the preternatural blessings.

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