Friday, January 3, 2020

The blessed messiness from which we came, and live in!!! Part 2

"All the love that God has in Himself, all the beauty that God has in Himself, all the truth that God has in Himself, He gives to the family." so writes Pope Francis.  That is the good news.  He also has the following to say:  "In families there are difficulties.  In families there are angers, sometimes plates fly, in families children give us headaches.  In families there is always the cross.  But in family life there is also resurrection."  Therein lies the challenge of living daily, moment to moment, the reality of the human family.  Within the messy living is both hidden and revealed the cross and The Resurrection.  In other words our moment to moment, daily living within the bonds of family life is our daily encounter with the Paschal mystery.  Prayer that is both honest and real is what enables us to be guided from powerlessness of  our Calvary to the freedom and joy that comes with living the Resurrected life. However, we must always make certain we recognize, make time for, and accept our tomb time.  That liminal space  is so hard and so difficult to journey through.  It is however, an essential threshold which must be stepped on, owned so we can have a healthy understanding of the workings of The Creative Spirit.
 I will never forget the first Sunday Mass I prayed with the people the following: "Grant that we may see the dignity of family, and the sanctity of human love."  That was a long time ago, but it goes hand in hand with what Pope Francis is wanting us to understand today.
When we are delving into the sacraments of human love and family.  We are  dealing with mystery, with sacramentality. I am sorry to say just a cursory look will not do.  A cursory, quick  superficial look at anything reveals the ways in which we see, value, that reality.  We unfortunately can then become immune to the actual reality right there in front of us, and that  Infinite, God has chosen to reveal His Presence right now, right here.  When the lenses of faith are not presently strong enough to discover the hidden mystery, the Incarnational aspect of what is before is lost.  Fortunately it is not lost forever, unless we choose to have it so.  Our Gracious ,Co-creator is always prepared to go further, as a matter of fact to real extremes to see we are given new  and proper lenses.  When we are gifted new lenses that which was lost is found, what was hidden is revealed The "hidden treasure," "The Pearl of great price" can become ours when we allow ourselves to be drawn into mystery and the hiddenness of Gracious, Creator, God. What a lifelong adventure in which to be CHOSEN.

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