Saturday, April 18, 2020

Paschal Mystery

We all have been brought together by the power of God's spirit to be again "dipped and dyed," in the Paschal Mystery.  Each year, we come to an ever deeper understanding of our daily participation in the Paschal Mystery.   It is so essential for us to remember, it is a daily participation in the suffering, death and burial, resurrection and ascension of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Our daily journey is our Paschal Journey.  Our daily experience of what is means to be human is our encounter with the cross.  It is in and through the events of our daily journey, our God uses to bring about the transformation and transfiguration necessary for us to become more and more the contemporary presence of His Son, Jesus Christ.  He is the potter, we are the clay, and the daily events are the tools in the hand of The Master.  You will now notice, where before there was garbage, walls, and dullness, now we see wonderful gifts that have come to us.  These gifts are spread out among the community.  The emphasis is on the living water, the fountain of water, that is flowing so very freely from a place of mystery. 

The place of Mystery is within us.  It is out of the midst of our uncertainty, fears, and disillusionment, that somehow the living waters of life, of Christ, come flowing into our deepest consciousness and our daily living.  That is why we have to be constantly "dipped and dyed," so we can be exposed in each liturgy to the life of Christ, the light of Christ and the love of Christ.

Easter transforms and transfigures.  It allows us to have the hope at this time, and at this stage of our journey, that death is not "the final word on life or despair the final state of human beings."  (Boff)  as we make our journey in the light of the resurrection, we know that out of all pain, sorrow, and the brokenness comes new life and wonderful gifts.  The greater the wound, the great the pain...the greater the gift.  Because of the Resurrection, we experience in our lives the following: 
Where before there was Guilt, now there is Forgiveness, Where there was Anger, now there is Compassion.  Where there was Resentment, now there is Understanding and Gratitude.  Where there was Boredom, now there is Wonder.  Where there was Anxiety, now there is Excitement.  Where there was Greed and Envy, now there is Sharing and Generosity.  

So, we see then our Garbage is turned into treasure, and gifts, to be shared.  It is by the power of God, not and never by our power, this is accomplished.  Like the Risen Christ, we carry, and will carry, our wounds with us.  We will learn over and over again wounds brought to prayer, brought to reconciliation, brought to Eucharist, become sacred wounds.  These wounds become the place of encounter with faith for those who share a common experience.  As a result of this encounter, courage and faith is shared, leading to a greater belief and trust in the transforming love of our Heavenly Father. 

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