Friday, April 3, 2020

Prepare to encounter and celebrate The Suffering Servant within!!! Part 3

I see in my parish that the Easter celebrations are cancelled. I read a commentary in a national newspaper that Christians this year will not have the opportunity to celebrate the essential mystery of their faith. Wrong! This year the celebrations return to the base community of both church and state.

The changes are happening right before our eyes. There is an emerging awareness of the value of those we took for granted are now looked on through new lenses. That grocery store worker who was just a shadow a few weeks ago is now seen to have the value she/he always had. A value innate in that person but up until now has not been recognized. As a result of this crisis we are now trending towards the emergence of something new in our society. Look at how health care workers have risen in the estimation of the collective minds. Have you seen the welcome health care workers receive when they return to their local communities? A few weeks/years ago was there that same kind of welcome for those who are meeting the same obligation?  These are the Simons and Veronicas who are helping the Suffering Christ in all of their sisters and brothers.  Sports heroes are missing from the news.  They are being replaced in the consciousness with a new set of heroes. Truck drivers are now more essential to our health and well-being than any sports figure could ever be.  Now, many of the sport stars are being recognized for their generosity rather than for their on field, and on court successes. "Times they are a changing." (Dylan)

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